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Get The Castlevania Album now, get Ran on Billboard… Really

By MegaRan in Music
Random aka Mega Ran
Phoenix, AZ  |  Hip Hop / Alternative / Retro
Members: Random, DJ DN3

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What a Great Night to Have a Curse.

Buy Castlevania: The Nocturnal Cantata NOW! 

I know what you guys are thinking… another album, dang. But no, this is MUCH different.

a) it’s an OPERA!

b) BILLBOARD BOUND? I was told that our numbers for this album are very close to making something AMAZING happen, like getting a SPOT (albeit a low one) on next weeksBillboard Heatseekers chart! now I never care about that stuff, but how awesome would it be to have us get there? incredibly, that’s how awesome. I’m confused now, but the point is, BUY THIS ALBUM and put us over the hump!

Already bought it? get THE PHYSICAL CD and get an UNRELEASED BONUS TRACK produced by Lost Perception, of “Black Materia” fame.

AS always, be a good friend and share, after your purchase!

If you’re on twitter, after you buy, hashtag#nocturnalcantata and tell me your favorite trackand I’ll pick a random person to mail off a FREE poster to, every day of this week!

Again I can’t stress it enough, if you’ve ever supported my music, or my music has ever helped you through a tough time, or made the easy times even better, this would be the time to support and get a copy of this new album! Thank you so much! Even if 25% of you on this mailing list bought the album, we’d hit the charts, I’m sure of it. You guys have always held me down and I know this time will be no different. Thank you all. Let’s make history!


Thank you in advance!

Oh, and SUMMER Tour dates are being worked out right now, stay tuned for updates!

Have a great week.


ALBUMS: all purchases this month get a free sticker pack.

The Memorandum – Random and Mr. Miranda’s fun journey through beats and rhymes.BUY NOW | iTunes

Mega Ran 10 – Random’s final romp through Robot City, executive produced and mixed by K-Murdock

BUY NOW  | iTunes

Black Materia – Random and Lost Perception’s award winning tribute to the greatest RPG of all time. BUY NOW | iTunes

Forever Famicom – Random and K-Murdock’s award winning 8 and 16-bit collab album.

BUY NOW iTunes


 $15- order here:

“Random is dreaming of is a world in which “keeping it real” comes to mean rapping about real life, and not just bragging about how much time you’ve spent in prison, or how many people you’ve shot.” — Patrick Taylor,

“It may be a little early to declare an Album of the Year for Hip-Hop, but (Black Materia) is certainly a vibrant and unique candidate already.” — Michael Melchor, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“some of the most original music to come out of the Valley in years, hip-hop or otherwise.” — Mike R. Meyer, Phoenix New Times

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Black Materia (full album + bonus track)
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Black Materia
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