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State of Decay Review

By Tristan Werbe in Reviews

Microsoft’s new zombie game State of Decay developed by Undead Labs for 360 and on PC. But at the moment this new IP has hit the Xbox Live Arcade. State of Decay is a zombie game where survival and strategy does matter. You either live or you die it’s simple.

Soundtrack, Audio, Voice: The music is very similar to the popular tv show The Walking Dead. It would make sense since when playing this I am reminded of the show a whole lot. The audio mixes in well with the only out of place sounds are during feast scenes that rarely happen, unless you just suck and die a whole lot. Voice acting is good for a game focused on many different characters that you can play as. Other characters voices fit as it seems it the game had a pretty good budget for a huge array of voice actors.

Graphics, Physics, Glitches, Engine Performance: The graphics are very very good especially for a Xbox Live Arcade game. The PC’s graphics do look better though but honestly it looks great on either system. Physics are pretty realistic but with a kinda Dead Rising combat type feel that pushes a few things away. Glitches are not barley there, the only time I noticed something was when I was driving and the map was loading in front of me at one point, other than that perfecto polished. The CryEngine 3 works it’s magic in State of Decay. As I said the fact that the game looks great and feels smooth like a Crysis game (of course it’s nothing like Crysis) is just another plus for this game.

Zombies: State of Decay features a whole lot of different zombies. There are walkers the slow normal zombies. Faster zombies you would see in a movie like World War Z. Big Brute like zombies, like the Tank from Left 4 Dead. Screamers which just attract other zombies. Crawlers which do as the name suggest crawl. Then there is these beast like zombies that charge. There are plenty of other zombies I came across that you will have to find out for your self about.

Gameplay: The game play at some points resembles Dead Rising. But at others could be compared to Yakuza but a lot better. In the end the style plays like State of Decay. Fighting off zombies with guns and melee weapons that can break. You pretty much have to go at the zombie either alone or with people from your homestead. You can combat with cars as well but they take damage easily. Your best bet is stealth on foot and quick attacks. The framrates also drop a lot which is one big issue.

Story: The story is pretty clear cut, it’s all about survival. Basically the story revolves around what you do. It is a really personal experience. You can really get a true sense out of yourself in this. If your character dies the character is dead you want to live you don’t want to die. No one wants to die. You have to build up your homestead to keep people safe and find food and so many other things that make the word death different in this game.

Replay Ability: Very High

Final Verdict: State of Decay is a true testament of wanting to make you live. The zombie overrun open world map feels real when you move around it. State of Decay earns itself a 9.9 out of 10.


Overall Score: 7.9/10

RGN Rating: Bronze Game

Review Copy Info: a copy of this downloadable game was purchased by  RealGamerNewz for purposes of this review.

Available on: Xbox 360, and PC

Played on: Xbox 360 

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