Prototype Comparisons and Cosmetic Design Priorities Ruined inFamous Series

There was a time when inFamous captured our hearts. From the very first moment we were confronted with a title that felt new, totally unique, and not only fun and interesting but unrestricted by the old ideas of third person action gameplay. At the same time inFamous was coming to the forefront of gaming as the next big PlayStation 3 exclusive to blow our heads off, a title called Prototype was rising from the depths of the creative abyss as well. Prototype was a series that like inFamous was new to the industry, and at the time they both showed equal potential to grow into incredible experiences.

Unfortunately Prototype and inFamous became victims of the crossfire between PS3 exclusive versus multiplatform debates that heavily saturated the video games industry at the time which many console gamers will remember with pity or shame. The video games industry has been pretty cut throat since it started. At times the decisions companies are forced to make with their IPs can be brutal. In this case it was simply a situation where the gamers demanded comparisons between these two titles until the point where they began to blend and be referred to as essentially the same game.

The first entry in the inFamous series was an open-world platformer with side-missions of plenty and a feeling that you were creating yourself in the process of playing through the epic storyline the game had to offer. Criticisms came with the art direction as well as technical graphics capabilities of the title and many stylistic choices became priority in the development of the sequel, inFamous 2, which had previously been neglected. Unfortunately the cost of a “better looking” inFamous 2 including full re-engineering of the entire main character’s personality, voice, look, and feel down to every last animation was that we ended up losing the identity of inFamous as a franchise and as a series.

Both games released by Sucker Punch on the PS3 have an amazing story to tell and are fun to play, but as we approach the launch of Sony’s next generation PS4 we have to ask ourselves; isn’t it time for a change? The disappointment that Sucker Punch chose to deliver a reboot of the inFamous IP with inFamous: Second Son for PlayStation 4 comes not at a lack of appreciation for the inFamous IP but rather a higher respect for its once held potential that has, for now, been lost. We sincerely wish Sucker Punch would have pulled out another creative vision, and we hope that they are able to find a renewed balance for the look and feel of inFamous: Second Son to restore what was once great in the franchise. However, to say we are looking forward to this game and are excited would be to tell a lie. The story can change, the characters can change, but the same design choices appear to be coming together in this project that prefers a comic-book hero image above the truly innovative gameplay experience it once promised to deliver.

inFamous: Second Son is expected to release Q1 2014 exclusively on Sony PS4 (PlayStation 4) which will make its next-generation console debut Holiday Season 2013 in the United States.

Watch in the video below as the new reboot to the inFamous franchise is awkwardly presented at the PlayStation 4 debut event months before E3 2013, which although received to great fan reception is not one of the industry’s top sellers and might not be doing so great as it seems.

  • Will

    How is that Sucker Punch is rebooting the IP with Second Son when the only thing they did was change the protagonist, something already done in a lot of game franchises.

    • Actually the entire storyline is different and the characters are different. It pretty much doesn’t acknowledge the earlier titles or characters in the story in any way (probably because of the way inFamous ended). It’s a reboot.

      • Thomas

        Tbh both sucker punch and Guerilla games are ruining their franchises by REBOOTING them when it’s unnecessary. People need to get off their high horse with infamous 2, the change of actor playing cole was necessary because the original actor REFUSED to do live action stunts. And what they wanted to do was make the actual gameplay more realistic and fluid compared to the original game. This isn’t the case of sucker punch firing him for a new voice over it was the case the guy REFUSED to do it. And lets be honest, as much as I liked infamous 1 cole sounded like a cigarette smoker with his voice.

        You know what really hurt infamous 2? ignorant fools who can’t freaking read information on why the change happened. Rather than embracing that the actor refused to do something, they chose a different guy to try to make the game feel smoother and more improved mechanically.
        So THANKS alot gamers, you RUINED infamous and any hope for a infamous 3 with cole even with the good ending being canon is never going to happen. I loved being screwed over by whiny gamers.