Fans Duped: PlayStation Vita Trophies Suck and PS4’s Features “Releasing in Stages”

PlayStation is a brand that has always promised and usually delivered on the latest in cutting-edge technology services for gamers. However, how many services and features for PlayStation 3 ended up arriving late when they should have been installed on the console in the first place before any even left the factory. Xbox 360 already featured achievements, an online network, cross-game chat, and custom music soundtracks; features that Sony has been playing catch up on ever since even though they probably should have had them in the PS3 before it released since there was a full year in between these two console releases.

As if to insult gamers’ standards or lower their expectations, the highly controversial PlayStation Vita (either labelled as a complete fail or complete win depending on who you talk to) ended up shipping without real trophy support and even though later some shadow of the former PS3 feature has debuted, but it’s a pretty half-baked and weak attempt at real support. Nobody on PlayStation 3 knows you exist and your trophy unlocks won’t be posted to your social networks.

PlayStation 4’s announcement event led us to believe the PS4 was all about social network integration, built-in gameplay recording and streaming, as well as many cloud-based features such as instant full game trials and background downloading of content. However, now it appears PS4 is all about playing offline and Sony has also let us know the truth is PSN 2.0’s many new features and improvements will be arriving on the console “in phases/stages” and not everything we’ve been told about will actually work day one (if ever, see: PS3’s vaporware features list).

Just food for thought, take it as you will.

“You can earn trophies when you accomplish certain objectives in games that support the trophy feature. Trophies are divided into four grades according to how easy or difficult it is to earn them. The number of trophies, and what it takes to earn them, varies from game to game.” – Official PlayStation Vita Statement

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  • Phok U

    So you tell us things are going to come in stages

    • Phok U

      tell us what they are

      • Features such as Vita cross game play is what he was talking about, if you want to know more feel free to ask about many delayed features, despite the PS3 being a great machine all machines have their downsides.

  • Display Name

    Seriously man, 90% of what you wrote is fiction. You honestly should be embarrassed to publish this garbage.

    • Clarify what is “garbage” about this article and what is “fiction” here.

  • Our author is speaking on the Launch of PlayStation Vita and Sony’s inaccurate claims such as Remote Play for PS3 + PS Vita which never fully materialized for more than a handful of games, PS4 + PS Vita Remote Play is now being promised, but will it really be used widely as a practical feature?

    Or will Sony just feed us the “it’s up to publishers” line again while the feature fades away into nothingness?

    This almost became the case with trophies as huge releases like Saints Row 2 DROPPING WITHOUT TROPHIES When We All Knew Sony’s PS3 TROPHY SUPPORT would become MANDATORY MONTHS LATER, Including Publisher THQ who screwed people out of their trophies for no good reason.

    The game is still great, but how many times will the term “it’s up to the publishers” get you guys like a card trick in front of a 5 year old?

  • Hazysin

    I started to pre-order the PS4 but then i thought back to the PS3 lauch and decided to wait. I’ll just continue to play my PS3 til this time next year.