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RGN Podcast: Xbox ONE Gaining Pre-Orders Rapidly

By Jon Ireson in Podcasts

After the recent announcement of Microsoft doing a 180 on their DRM decisions we now have reports from many gamers that their pre-orders have swapped to both next-gen consoles, or just the Xbox ONE. We here at RealGamerNewz are excited for both consoles to make their debut this Holiday 2013 season. We’d be lying if we told you we are proud of Microsoft for backing down from their pro-developer online infrastructure  However, you win some and you lose some. Take a listen to why we think MS should have stuck with their DRM, but also why ditching it may be paying off bigger than they expected already.

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  • @34:30

    Basically the people that are complaining about not being able to trade in their games is mainly the parents buying games for their kids and their kids not liking the game… Or grandma getting little Johnny a 70$ game and he already had it…

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