Leaked Microsoft Info: Third Parties Going Bankrupt From Used Games, Unannounced Xbox ONE Benefits Gamers Denied Themselves Of

The following post has appeared and is titled ‘Heartbroken Anonymous Microsoft Employee Posts About Xbox ONE’ submitted for your reading by Microsoft-News:

“I think the post speaks for itself, well worth the read:

“It’s 4am and I’m still up, some hours ago, we at Microsoft had to basically redact on our Always Online infrastructure and dream. Being part of the team that created the entire infrastructure to include the POS (point of sale) mechanisms I must say that I am extremely sad to see it removed. But the consumer knows what is best, I can place the blame on no one but us here at Microsoft. We didn’t do a good enough job explaining all the benefits that came with this new model. We spent too much of our time fighting against the negative impressions that many people in the media formed. I feel that if we spent less time on them and more time explaining the great features we had lined up and the ones in the pipes gamers and media alike would have aligned to our vision. That stated, we felt the people we would have loss would have been made up by the people we would have gained. We have 48 million Xbox 360 users connected online nearly 24 hours a day. That is much more than any of our closet competitors and vastly more than Steam. The people that we would have left behind I feel would have eventually come around as they saw what advantages the platform had to offer. But as I previously stated we at Microsoft have no one to blame other than ourselves for failing to convince those hesitant to believe in our new system. Microsoft might be a big company, but we at the Xbox division have always been for the gamer. Everything we’ve done has always been for them, we have butt heads with the executives many times on what we’ve wanted to, some times we lost (removing the onboard processor from Kinect 1.0) and other times we’ve won (keeping Gears of War as an exclusive).

While publishers have never come right out to us at MS and say “We want you to do something about used gaming” we could hear it in their voices and read it in their numerous public statements. The used gaming industry is slowly killing them and every attempt to slow down the bleeding was met with much resistance from the gaming community. I will admit that online passes were not well received nor were they well implemented, but I felt given time to mature it could have turned into something worth having as a gamer much like DLC (we went from pointless horse armor to amazing season passes like Borderlands 2!). Videogame development is a loss leader by definition and unlike other forms of media videogames only have one revenue stream and that is selling to you the gamer. So when you buy a game used you’re hurting developers much more than say a movie studio. Many gamers fail to realize this when they purchase these preowned games. It is impossible to continue to deliver movie like experiences at the current costs without giving up something in return. It’s what gamers want and expect, the best selling games are blockbusters, the highest rated are blockbusters, the most loved are blockbusters. How can developers continue to create these experiences if consumers refuse to support them? Many will argue the development system is broken, and I disagree. The development system is near broken, it’s used gaming that is broken, but regardless I think more emphasis on this from both us at Microsoft and publishers would have gone a long way in helping educate the gamer, but again it is us who dropped the ball in this regard for that we’re sorry.

Going back to Xbox One’s feature set, one of the features I was most proud of was Family Sharing. I’ve browsed many gaming forums and saw that many people were excited about it as well! That made my day the first time I saw gamers start to think of amazing experiences that could come from game sharing. It showed that my work resonated with the group for which I helped create it for. I will admit that I was not happy with how some of my fellow colleagues handled explaining the systems and many times pulled my hair out as I felt I could have done a better job explaining and selling the ideas to the press and public at large. I’m writing this for that reason, to explain to gamers how many of the features would have worked and how many of them will still work.

First is family sharing, this feature is near and dear to me and I truly felt it would have helped the industry grow and make both gamers and developers happy. The premise is simple and elegant, when you buy your games for Xbox One, you can set any of them to be part of your shared library. Anyone who you deem to be family had access to these games regardless of where they are in the world. There was never any catch to that, they didn’t have to share the same billing address or physical address it could be anyone. When your family member accesses any of your games, they’re placed into a special demo mode. This demo mode in most cases would be the full game with a 15-45 minute timer and in some cases an hour. This allowed the person to play the game, get familiar with it then make a purchase if they wanted to. When the time limit was up they would automatically be prompted to the Marketplace so that they may order it if liked the game. We were toying around with a limit on the number of times members could access the shared game (as to discourage gamers from simply beating the game by doing multiple playthroughs). but we had not settled on an appropriate way of handling it. One thing we knew is that we wanted the experience to be seamless for both the person sharing and the family member benefiting. There weren’t many models of this system already in the wild other than Sony’s horrendous game sharing implementation, but it was clear their approach (if one could call it that) was not the way to go. Developers complained about the lost sales and gamers complained about overbearing DRM that punished those who didn’t share that implemented by publishers to quell gamers from taking advantage of a poorly thought out system. We wanted our family sharing plan to be something that was talked about and genuinely enjoyed by the masses as a way of inciting gamers to try new games.

The motto around the offices for the family plan was “It’s the console gaming equivalent to spotify and pandora” it was a social network within itself! The difference between the family sharing and the typical store demo is that your progress is saved as if it was the full game, and the data that was installed for that shared game doesn’t need to be erased when they purchase the full game! It gave incentive to share your games among your peers, it gave games exposure, it allowed old games to still generate revenue for publishers. At the present time we’re no longer going forward with it, but it is not completely off the table. It is still possible to implement this with the digital downloaded versions of games, and in fact that’s the plan still as far as I’m aware.

Another feature that we didn’t speak out about was the fact we were building a natural social network with Xbox One in itself that didn’t require gamers to open their laptops/tablets to post to their other friends nor did they need to wrestle with keyboard add-ons. Each Xbox Live account would have a full “home space” in which they could post their highest scores, show off their best Game DVR moments, what they’ve watched via Xbox TV and leave messages for others to read and respond to. Kinect 2.0 and Xbox One work together and has robust voice to text capabilities. The entire notion of communicating with friends you met online would have been natural and seamless. No reliance on Facebook, or Twitter (though those are optional for those who want them). Everything is perfectly crafted for the Xbox One controller and Kinect 2.0 and given that shine that only Microsoft can provide.

We at Microsoft have amazing plans for Xbox One that will make it an amazing experience for both gamers and entertainment consumers alike. I stand by the belief that Playstation 4 is Xbox 360 part 2, while Xbox One is trying to revolutionize entertainment consumption. For people who don’t want these amazing additions, like Don said we have a console for that and it’s called Xbox 360.”


  • Fr0stbyt3

    so let me get this straight, your family sharing plan was nothing more than a glorified timed demo, you act like the industry doesn’t need to learn what a reasonable budget is and that if games were priced reasonably people wouldnt buy used so often, you still insist on making TV a big feature of the system despite the medium being largely irrelevant in the wake of the internet and online streaming, and you actually support Don Matricks arrogant statement of #### you get an xbox 360 if you can’t have a constant internet connection, yeah dude the only thing you did here was make me hate microsoft more for trying this crap

  • simon pegg

    I do support delevopers by buying new games at full price…. but i dont expect to be paying stupid amounts 12months down the line when ive traded it in and decided to buy it again… its hurting developers but yet its hurting the consumers pocket also.

    • Satan loves sexy ;)

      How does that make any &&&&&ng sense?

  • Toopsie

    “Many will argue the development system is broken, and I disagree.”

    “Now let me list you all the reasons why the development system is broken.”

    If games like Tomb Raider can’t earn a decent profit even by selling over two million units, there’s a serious issue with game development. We the consumers shouldn’t have to suffer because idiots can’t solve their own problems.

  • Logic

    Clearly a PR attempt.
    Developers are not paid royalties, the publishers pay them up front for the game (and sometimes bonuses depending on ratings) and then reel in the rest of the profits. The only people who actually stand to lose money is the publishers, who bleed game developers dry anyway.

    Besides, he is forgetting a major point. If I buy used and like the game, I’ll end up buying more games from those developers. I managed to snag a few pre owned games for dirt cheap, then purchased new copies of games from those developers simply because I liked the first one so much… Please don’t listen to the article, the man is rambling out of his ####.

    • John

      I can get new games on amazon for cheaper than used games at gamestop :/

    • trollololol

      Your trying to sound smart with a long comment when you have no idea what your talking about

  • Kaz

    What a long winded way to say “We at microsoft dont understand our consumer base at all.”

  • Lee

    Microsoft dont understand customers one bit and they dont care. their just a greedy money making machine, I’m unemployed buy my games second hand and cant afford gold. But Im happy with my 360, Piracy is a problem because games are to expensive/

    • Im British

      And $ony does care? Hahaha you people haten on M$ are f***ing inbred American morons

      • AzureZenorag13

        sry we all cant be rich like you ****ole

      • I’m Texan

        Obviously you don’t have enough reading comprehension to see that no one has compared Sony to Microsoft in these comments and your only response is to make a nationalist slur. Having many friends in the UK, I’m assuming your name is simply a troll because they don’t generalize us like that. Also, it should be plain that hardware developers and any other private business has the goal of being profitable first and foremost. No one “cares” about their consumers beyond what will earn the most money and if they don’t deliver that then it’s likely they will fail in this front. Lastly, both of these companies are in no way threatened by the loss of their gaming divisions, it would be a big hit to their image, but it’s not the same as when software developers suffer losses.

        • Dark

          Yes But Microsoft Said “Playstation is Xbox 360 part 2” and it will be fun to see Xbox Swallow their words.

          Playstation Has Already Shot the Roof with Pre-orders.

          Not only that but , To them who are arguing (Both playstation and xbox fan boys) , The Playstation Plus service that is Required to Play online Playstation network , To them who might not know but , you pay about £50 a year and with that £50 you get serices , games , avatars , themes worth way over the £200. To start with , you get 5-7 free ps3 games on sign up + 3-4 every month new , and you also get 2 ps vita games , Now it will be EVEN MORE quality for your money when you will also be getting (most likely) Playstation 4 games for free.

          What do you get from Xbox Live ? well apparently now you get 2 old games which most likely everyone will have already owned and you get to play online ….. yay *sarcasm* . Basicaly What Xbox has done here is , Put a Gun in your face and tell you to give them all your money than after you start crying they put the gun down and beg for you to forgive them. How would that work out in a real life situation if a real person had a gun in your face and actually does that than begs for mercy and forgiveness ? Than would you still give them your money ?

          From the day of my Birth to the day of my Death , i will stand by Sony and it’s playstation. The Only Microsoft I support is the Computer Microsoft because it is the Only Operating system That works on All(majority) PC games. (Yes i am a PC gamer)

          That is my opinion

          – Dark

          • jack578

            Only Halo 3 and AC2 are old, after that the community selects which games, unlike Ps plus which games I already own to like infamous 2 which is $#!% and uncharted 3 which every hardcore ps3 gamer already has…slap in the face Sony….so games that I don’t have and are good like far cry 3, Skyrim, and maybe GTA V so I’m switching to Xbox one

        • Nic Cage

          You don’t say!!!

  • Matt

    I feel like MS is simply desperate at this point, which does not help then at all. I did think the family sharing was a great feature until it turned out to be nothing more than a way to make others buy games. This simple ‘tinted’ demoing will hurt MS more IMO.
    Also, it seems to me that every attempt they make now is just making the community hate microsoft more. I mean, they’re just extenuating here… Like the guy says he could’ve done a better job explaining, so then why didn’t he do it?

    ‘We spent too much of our time fighting against the negative impressions that many people in the media formed.’ No you didn’t. The biggest problem the ‘people in the media’ had was that MS didn’t explain anything at all. All our news came indirectly to us, because microsoft could never be honest and straightforward. I’m sorry but you can’t blame it on anyone else. You messed that up. Big time. Also, the attitude of everyone working on the xbone project… Starting from the ‘Deal with it’ twitter guy (Adam something? I can’t recall), all the way to employees like this guy, not even to mention mr. Dom ****in matrick, who was just as big of a #### as the twitter guy.
    I’m sorry to see microsoft struggle though, but it’s not a sorry towards ms employees or developers, but us, the community because microsoft couldn’t deliver a console we’d hoped for. And that is truly sad.

  • name

    I think the “between the lines” geral message from Microsoft in this whole affair has always been “we want to empty your pockets, and we’re going to make sure you won’t cheat us on a single penny” – I dare say that the majority of gamers are young people who haven’t built up any personal wealth yet, so of course a message like that will have a bit of an impact – now, of course people should get REASONABLE pay for their hard work and hmm… I mean there are those in the industry who actually makes good money even if some of it falls out of their pockets and without ramming their fists elbow deep into the customers behind, and customer relations plays an essential part in this.

    • Good point. That’s pretty much what I’ve been saying all along. If you are cheap with your money of course you will be upset, and if you have this image in your head that every game company is Activision (rolling in the doe), they aren’t. Google ‘layoffs’ and any game company, you’ll see who your $5 off really is hurting and it’s not the executives which you all seem to think don’t deserve anything but actually the hard working people that have to find a new job every time people decide a game isn’t worth buying new.

  • kojimaproductions

    Xbox One is better it runs MGS5 the best game in the world way better than ***#station 4 or 360 part 2 hahaha

  • I would say if people wanted MS gone they should have made Halo and Jade Empire and all their other awesome games sound like ####, but everyone loved Halo so here we are Xbox is still whopping PS3 in the biggest market.. America so if you all hated them should have killed them off 12 years ago.

    My opinion people always say “vote with your money” but they aren’t really doing it apparently judging by the overwhelming negativity against their #1 favorite game company to spend on this entire gen. O_o Blows my mind.

    • Kevin Leviathan

      Wow that actually makes sense we can’t take them down anymore cause there on top in the U.S……f### I’m gonna say can’t beat em join just pre ordered Xbox One and cancelled PS4…