**UPDATE** Winner Announced: Metro: Last Light Giveaway @ RealGamerNewz.com

Camera Person: Stacey

**UPDATE** Winner Announced in the following Post: CLICK HERE to Watch Special Video Announcement. Thank you to all who entered, below is the unedited contest while it was running:

Thanks for checking out our new look and being one of the first to enter our new contest, debuting tonight. We are giving away our PlayStation 3 copy of Metro: Last Light to one lucky winner who will be chosen randomly on camera (as with our previous Worms: Collection Giveaway). Every entry counts. All you have to do is follow two simple steps and check back here for the Winner Announcement: July 4, 2013. If it’s you, then kick back and receive your winning item.

Step #1 – Comment on and Reshare Our Metro: Last Light Review on Facebook (USING THIS LINK) and tell your friends they can win a PS3 copy of it here!! (and like The RealGamerNewz Fan Page if you haven’t already to receive winning Inbox message on FB)

Step #2 – Comment on this post with the same comment you put on Facebook (copy and paste it so we know it’s you). That’s all! Now you’re entered to win the Metro: Last Light Game set on PlayStation 3. If you win, the game will be sent to you by RealGamerNewz (we will cover the shipping of course, for those who asked last time).

Step #3 – COME BACK to this page and check for the winners which will be announced on the 4th of July 2013! – Alternatively, you can check up on the @RealGamerNewz Facebook or Twitter for the Winners Announcement Post which will come through our automated feed.

Good luck to all who may enter. Additional Caveats of RGN Facebook Contests Below:

Contestant winner will be contacted through the Facebook account they used to win. If you fail to respond to the winning message within a short grace period you will forfeit your prize to the next random winner by default. Please be aware of your Facebook notifications for Inbox Private Messages from RealGamerNewz (which might appear in the “Other” folder). We will announce the winner on the site and send your message around the same time and wait for your reply to accept your prize.
  • Eddie Alverson

    I wanna win

  • BanzaiBanzaiBanzai

    This game looks amazing!

  • Chris Lee

    I wanna win. Haven’t been able to afford any new games lately :/.

  • Krish Sharms

    Go RealGamerNewz! You guys are the best! Would love to win the game but even if i dont,ill keep checking you out and supporting ya!

    • Ayush Jindal

      I wanna win.

  • Display Name

    I wanna win this game… It looks awersome

  • Luiz Carlos de França

    I wanna win this game… It looks awersome

  • Lex407

    This is a mighty good contest you guys have going on. I heard plenty of good things about Mero: Last Light and would love to get my hands on a copy of it. Thanks for this awesome giveaway! I will be sure to keep your site bookmarked in my gaming tabs. Good luck to everyone that enters the contest.

  • Ben Wagner

    Good luck to everyone entering the giveaway. Wouldn’t mind seeing a review from the winner!

  • Alexander

    Let’s try to win) Great game that I want to play)

  • Christofer Larsson

    I’ll be the one

  • Zimpirate

    Good luck to everyone 😀

  • Jay77Cujo

    RealGamerNewz is giving away a free copy of Metro Last Light!
    Follow the link to enter for your chance to win! 🙂

  • xUnknownJokerx

    If Angry Joe gave this game a 9/10, I need to get this. I hope I can win this buy goodluck to all who enter! 😀

  • Matteo Facconi

    this game is the best

  • Ivan Tumbev

    Awesome Game ..It will be cool to win this game !

  • Nate1

    Lets do this! I want my whole family to enjoy this game 🙂

  • csxexe1

    Great game that I want to play)


    Have yet to play this game but really want to, hope i win.

  • DJKillzownJones

    I’ve seen this game in action and I would like 2 get win this 2 play it. The OG is dope so far
    S/o 2 RGN and the Homie Jon IRO

  • Luis Cardenles Colon

    Pick me!, plz!… lol. Good luck yall.

  • Rodny

    Not a bad prize!