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Virtual Reality Next Gen RGN

The following discussion revolves around Virtual Reality. Video Games are a booming business that will inevitably (read: probably) become replaced by some higher format of experience simulation in the future. As video games exist we begin to see Virtual Reality technologies becoming manifested in the mainstream market. Many may not yet be aware of attempts beyond the now mainstream 3DTV technology. Have you ever heard of a real virtual reality gameplay experience on the mainstream market as of yet? Well, let’s find out…

Have you heard of…

Emotiv Epoch

? …


Oculus Rift???

Oculus Rift Pre Orders

There’s been a few noble attempts at “Virtual Reality” mainstream research projects such as the ones mentioned above on PC but Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have yet to find a suitable partner to ink a deal with and possibly won’t ink a deal opting instead to do the research and development for first-party hardware entirely themselves. The Nintendo Wii-Mote, PlayStation Move, Xbox Kinect, and PlayStation Eye 4 can all be seen as taking steps to get the mass public to accept it first.

CyberLink and Emotiv Epoch have a huge documentation online if you want to look them up. The Epoch was debuted at around $250 on PC and would have been compatible with Sony PS3 and Xbox 360 for full mind control video games, in other words your controller is your brain. The VR visual screens for what you see becoming completely immersive end up inevitably becoming the other half of the equation. Oculus Rift is like a helmet type thing.

Sony has one too but their personal viewfinder display (looking like something out of Star Trek) is not heavily marketed at all. It’s already out and costs more than a game system. It’s not the same as Oculus Rift though, instead of PC it works with the Sony PS3. All greatness aside this device seems to have failed to garner much attention outside of a cult following. However, imagine both concepts of the Oculus Rift visual devices and the Emotiv Epoch brain wave controller at the same time on next-generation consoles becoming one of the first true VR in video games history. After research from devices like the Emotiv Epoch, such brain controllers can even tell a player’s frustration levels and adjust difficulty on the fly.

Will Xbox and PlayStation see fit to implement technology like this with their own manufacturing factories/partnerships respectively instead of going with existing third parties? Either way, imagine how gamers would feel to take that next step with their next-generation game consoles sometime mid-way through the life cycles of their already invested hardware. Privacy may become a concern, as many tech-savvy gamers are already scared of Xbox Kinect on Xbox ONE being implemented as a permanent feature, would they would be horrified to see their emotions, frustration, enjoyment, and possibly some of their thoughts become monitored? However, the tradeoff could be an incredible experience serving as a baby step on the Moon in the galaxy of Virtual Reality technology in the mainstream market.

Video games could have been ready for virtual reality last generation if only the Emotiv Epoch and something like the Oculus Rift had existed for the console games we now play and love. The graphic resolution might not have been optimal for such an experience, however personal viewing devices with enhanced degrees of view angles have proven others. Now with such technology on the market, we could be ready to see virtual reality begin this upcoming next-generation. With gamers possibly taking things too far and dying with Oculus Rifts on their heads at the same time as brain controllers, not to mention the possible increased wireless data getting through your head slowly causing cancer, the public may not be ready for something like this to take off in huge numbers, unless…

…to be continued…

  • Griesyburger

    I don’t think any company is gonna take that risk any time soon.

    • I agree, I seriously doubt we’ll be making many real strides toward it in the next decade.

      • SaburWolf

        No your wrong its time to go into digital world and find our destiny of immortality

        • I think the public outcry at Xbox One’s original DRM standpoint is something to pay attention to here – a large quantity of the population of gamers doesn’t want their games to be fully digitized, no matter the ultimate benefits. I feel there could be a great resistance for any VR too.