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Need for Speed: Most Wanted Review

By Skylar Kenny in Reviews

Need for Speed Most Wanted realgamernewz Review

Many people will tell you that Need for Speed Most Wanted is one of the best Need for Speed games ever made. So you can imagine people’s reactions when Criterion Games announced they were going to release an updated re-imagined version of the game, me included. Let me just straighten something out now. I love Need for Speed, I played, finished and loved everything from Underground to Carbon, and I’ve even played games like Gran Turismo, Forza, and PGR and loved them too. So just take it from me when I say this. THIS GAME IS TERRIBLE. There’s no sugar coating it, it’s awful, and woeful and glitch-ridden.

So you’re probably wondering what makes it so bad, I mean, Most Wanted was an amazing game, how could they mess it up so badly? Well they managed too, they messed it up completely. But let’s start with the good stuff, the very little there is. I have to admit the game looks nice, the cars look realistic and the buildings and environment look highly detailed. Even the HUD elements look futuristic and space aged and suits the game’s look perfectly, even though the buildings to have this certain apocalyptic look to it. And pulling off awesome drifts around corners and overtaking 4 opponents is one of the best feelings ever. Umm. . . err. . . okay let’s go to the fun stuff, the bad parts!!

First of all, I have to bring this up. The plot. Okay, so the plot in the first game wasn’t exactly a masterpiece, but it introduced the setting and plot and most importantly a reason for wanting to defeat the blacklist, i.e. revenge. In the new game you just get plonked in a city and are told there are 10 racers who are better than everyone because they are 10 Most Wanted racers who constantly have to avoid the police. The police apparently being incapable of doing a simple check to find out where they live.

But here comes the best part. You can’t buy cars, the very first car you’re dumped into is a Porsche Carrera S and for those of you who know your cars, you’ll know it’s not exactly a barge. You change cars by simply finding another one with its logo above and hit one button and boom, car is yours to use at any time. This ties into the races, because, say if you want to do a race in your Audi instead of your Porsche. Fine, you switch to the Audi only to discover that the Audi has its own set of races to complete and you have to do that race in your Porsche.

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