**UPDATE: Winners Announced** RGN Giveaway: FFXIV Beta Codes

FFXIV Beta - RGN Giveaway

**UPDATE: Winners Announced, Unedited Contest Post Below**

Last Night’s Winners: @LoureiroHernan @sslocum76 @laurenzuke @kaporr @Samojoh

This Morning’s Winners: @The7roll @theKingsy @tkt9900 @jorvon

This Afternoon’s Winners: Congrats to @bigbbubba99 @iBeTurtling and @allo149 our third wave of winners!! You’ve cleared us out. NEXT CONTEST SOON @RealGamerNewz .com

It’s that time again, we are now giving out multiple Final Fantasy XIV Beta Codes. Entry as usual per RealGamerNewz fashion will be very easy. This one’s on our brand new Alternate Twitter account! The reason this account exists is so that you can finally get to see the face behind RealGamerNewz staff members and writers. You will finally be able to get the news directly from the writers by following @RGNAuthors on Twitter.

Follow the very simple steps below and the winners will be randomly chosen and receive their keys in Direct Messages tonight/early tomorrow, so keep checking them. Good Luck to all who enter.

Step #1 – Retweet this!! (and follow @RGNAuthors to receive winning DM on Twitter):

Step #2 – Comment Below with your Twitter Name (Example: @RGNAuthors). That’s all! Now you’re entered to win, just check your DM! If you won, you’ll get a code and instructions and your name will be put on this post for everyone to see.

**Prize Info: The codes are USA Only and for the PC version. Instructions will be DM’d after the code to all winners.

If you haven’t seen yet, check out our 71 Exclusive Screenshots for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn 2.0. The game releases August 27, 2013 on PlayStation 3 and Windows PC and marks the complete rebirth and overhaul of FFXIV as well as its console debut. Winners of this contest will have 5 days of play then receive access to open beta when it starts and then if they end up buying the full game when it comes out all of their character data will carry over to retail release.

  • potilan

    done, i want a betakey please!!! @LoureiroHernan

    • Congratulations, You are our first winner automatically for being first to show up!!! Next winner: say your favorite Final Fantasy moment!!! Check your DM @LoureiroHernan *Code and Instructions Sent to your DM*

  • steve slocum

    Gladly retweeted. Fond memories of ff. Fav has to be the first time i summoned knights of the round in vii. @sslocum76

    • That’s awesome. FFVII was great. You win a code, (DM Inbound) !!OK!! , next winner will be the one who tells me something about my favorite FF game, FFVI!!

      • steve

        That was fast!!! U guys rock. Thanks very much.

        • You’re Welcome, Enjoy the Beta Steve!!! Tell a friend to tell a friend more PS3/360/PC Giveaways coming this month and beyond.

  • kaporr

    Retweeted ! @kaporr

  • gruffghost

    retweeted! my twitter is @laurenzuke

    • You won a code. Thanks for shouting us out. Let your pals know, we aren’t done giving away gaming codes and discs yet! This is never ending for us.

  • Samojoh

    I hope I win! I really want to play the beta with my friend!

    • I see there’s some teamwork happening, well bring in a third friend to the fun!!! DM’ing you a code too.

  • Jay

    @jorvon….please, please, please…look at all my followers lol

    • Jay

      Retweeted, I’ll even pay. I’m so desperate lol

      • No need to pay anyone lol. Thanks for shouting us out to your followers. Last but not least, congratulations and check your Direct Messages for your code and instructions 🙂

  • Jmills35

    Got it retweeted… and my twitter is @tkt9900

    • RealGamerNewz.com got your back, code sent!

  • theKingsy

    Followed, retweeted and ready to go! Twitter handle is ‘@theKingsy’ and you can color me hype. TY! ;D

    • Congrats you’re one of the winners buddy! Code being sent now to your DM, be sure to check it!

  • xXPaNcAkEzXx

    I’d really like a key so I can play with my friend who keeps bragging about how great the game is. Re-tweeted and followed @The7roll . Thanks for reading!

    • You are one of the winners, congratulations! Code DM’d to you now!

  • Display Name

    Retweeted, hoping to get in on this beta! :]

    • I can’t give you a code if I don’t know your Twitter name, come back and comment again!

      • Display Name

        ahh forgot to include it lol my handle is @iBeTurtling

        • Glad you made it back in time, sending code now to your DM with instructions!! Congrats (*PS You have to be following us)

          • Display Name

            yeah just followed. rarely use twitter so forget these things. I’ll try my luck next batch of codes lol

          • You earned it, DM’d

  • Bigbbubba


  • Display Name

    I did all the steps!!. can i have one? i need one.. omgomgomg please =( @allo149

    • Wow you really wanted this bad!! Check your DM!!

  • Dr Kratos

    Cant find in your timeline the tweet to be re-twitted :v im on my phone, and just followed you :3

    • Dr Kratos

      Oh yeah, forgot teh name, its @Kratos_MD

      • Dr Kratos

        Just re-twitted one that i saw that was twitted 20 hours ago :< hope that was the right one, i really want a key to play with my friends u.u 5 of 'em are already playing u.u

  • Ken Pembroke

    Retweeted and followed happy to help a game site like yourselves! @SEHALOHERO