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Gamescom 2013: Call of Duty Ghosts Will Have Dedicated Servers Only on Xbox ONE

By Jon Ireson in Gamescom

Call of Duty Ghosts XBOX ONE Dedicated Servers

Call of Duty Ghosts will be revealed tomorrow morning in a new stream which you can catch the full replay of right here on showing off a new multiplayer map and game mode. In more Ghosts news, COD: Ghosts will receive Dedicated Servers on the Microsoft Xbox ONE releasing this year for next-generation early adopters and hardcore gaming enthusiasts alike. Microsoft announced this at the German video games industry trade event.

Now instead of hosting the  matches on your own Xbox console and instead of migrating hosts when the host drops out, you’ll get true multiplayer action with pure pings and almost no lag with a much more fierce crackdown on cheaters and hackers thanks to the Xbox ONE Cloud technology being used on COD: Ghosts. Tomorrow’s event begins about 14 hours from now, sponsored by Xbox Live, and you can check it out from work (or after work) right here on our Gamescom 2013 section. Alternatively you can find more information about the game by following our Call of Duty Ghosts section.

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  • So is microsofts network (XBL) better than Sonys (PSN)?

    I’m just trying to understand why only xbox gets dedicated servers … S$$$ I own both systems and online play seems the same to me (360/PS3) Is it because microsoft paid them money to make dedicated servers or what?

    Anyways the game looks nice but knowing this I might end up getting it for the xbox one rather than the Ps4 … Hopefully xbox launches another Gears for the xbox one with dedicated servers id flip my wig if that happens

    • Tristan Werbe - RGN Contributing Editor

      Well PC is dedicated as well

    • Jon Ireson - Article Author, RGN Editor-In-Chief

      @Twiztid It’s because Xbox ONE is the Lead Platform for the game. I think you’re over-thinking it a little bit bro. As always I appreciate your feedback, you’re one of the smartest commentators we’ve got so drop your thoughts in any time.

      @Tristan Yes, it’s a console exclusive feature for Xbox ONE only, PC has always had a different server setup compared to the consoles. Back in the old days we used to all buy the servers ourselves and you would play on all kinds of servers all around the world run by the clans that owned them. For some games, it’s still that interesting.

  • Yeah no worries im getting both systems anyways I was just curious as to why the most played shooter is only getting dedicated servers on the xbox you would think they would have dedicated servers for every system … I honestly don’t even like CoD that much but this one actually looked fun to me (I think it has to do with the whole create a soldier aspect, I like customization O_O)
    and knowing this bit of info there will be no reason for me to get it for Ps4 lol

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