HitmanTV Podcast: “I’m Racist… Against Stupid People”

HitmanTV Podcast

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In the following show I bring my expertise from over 22 years of gaming and authoring over 3,000 living online documents detailing the international video games industry to the table and touch on some risky topics. I speak about my opinions and divulge many pieces of information that a lot of reporters in this industry might be scared to release, and a lot of gamers might be too stubborn to believe.

Some of the topics I’ll touch on in this show include the industry’s push for DRM, and why it exists in the first place. While many gamers believe that DRM exists to rob them of their rights, the facts are plain to see. Game companies are closing down all around us, and while no game company can successfully prove that used games or piracy are causing this (because they are not the only factor) blocking these actions to some extent is meant to be a temporary band-aid fix to the suffering the industry is going through which can only be blamed on a huge list of many factors, not one single factor such as used games.

The trend of gamers taking their experiences in military shooters to unrealistic levels by enlisting based on their skills in a video game is also discussed, with much thanks and respect given to our real life troops and veterans. Reality and fantasy should never be mixed in this way. The importance of Dedicated Servers in First Person Shooters and the foolishness of turning your back on a brand because of a mainstream agenda are highlighted while marketing campaigns from some of the top First Person Shooters in the video games industry are analyzed. I look forward to the feedback of my fans, peers, and critics, and thank you in advance for the time you spent reading and watching this piece.

“I’m Racist… Against Stupid People” featuring Jon Ireson AKA Hitman0769 – Gamer for over 22 years and author of over 3,000 living online documents detailing the international video games industry.


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  • #4 – You Supported Piracy Instead Of Gaming By Protesting Next-Gen DRM

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  • Hello, to all who read this. I hope you enjoy the show and even if we Agree to Disagree I hope I was able to give you the knowledge of a different perspective to walk away with. Much love to all my gamer family worldwide, we are taking over and this art form has truly inspired so much positivity in my life. Thank you for your time. -Jon Ireson aka @Hitman0769

  • It’s good that someone is stepping up and saying what needs to be said to the gaming community. The gaming community has to understand that there is a certain level of responsibility that we have. Instead of reacting with negativity, gamers should have remembered those articles we read about Sony implementing DRM policies. We knew it was coming. We read about developers complaining about Gamestop. This is where the ignorance came in. Those who were aware noticed how the industry tried to brace gamers for the upcoming DRM policy with all the “leaked” info and “no comments” that found its way on plenty forum boards.

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    Hey man, you made some good points, especially with the DRM policy and piracy. I’d blame both pubs/devs and the gamers for piracy, mainly because there’s been a lot of crap-tastic titles that no one would really want to spend money on and then the gamers would just pirate them, even more so than the ones that did great in sales.

  • True what you said though, some people cant handle the truth