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RGN Daily News #54: Steambox Could Change the Industry

By Jon I in Podcasts

RGN Daily 54 -- Steambox Could Change the Industry

RGN Daily News #54: Steambox Could Change the Industry

Steambox / SteamOS Reveal: Pt 1 | Pt 2 | Pt 3 | Podcast #1 | Podcast #2 | #3 Coming Soon

– Top News Stories of Today
– Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls – Interactive Films vs Gameplay?
– SteamOS – What Does It Mean for Gaming?
– Steambox Speculation – When’s It Coming + What Is It?
– Left for Dead 3, Portal 3, Half Life 3 – Exclusive SteamOS / Steambox Games Coming Soon?
– Could Valve Compete w/ Sony + Microsoft Next Gen?
– The Future of Video Games Industry Could Change w/ Steambox

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