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SmashMuck Champions Preview

By Shawn Stenberg in Previews


Smashmuck is a new MOBA about to make a splash and get all the girls wet. In SmashMuck Champions you will battle foes in a managed team of 10 in an online arena over 5 different game modes. You can customize your fighter, train, and practice all before you pit yourself against the onslaught of attackers ready to bludgeon your face with their fists, swords, hammers, or bludgeoning tools. Okay, so maybe I made the bludgeoning tool part up.

SmashMuck Champions Screenshot 2

SmashMuck has a unique style and look that only slightly mimics other MOBA titles. It contains the same basics of a MOBA, but the overall feel of the game is less serious and more about fun. The battles are not to be taken lightly though, and you’ll find yourself playing 5 games when you only wanted to play 1 quick match. With the growth and over-saturation of MOBA’s, SmashMuck breathes a bit of fresh air into the lungs of the genre giving new life to something seemingly overdone in other titles.

With Dota and LoL being so popular and bringing in millions of dollars, how can a new game make itself stand out among the crowd? Well, Kiz Studios managed to pull that off in such a way that it allows hardcore and casual players to mesh seamlessly without ruining fun. Kiz studios decided to run with a much simpler design than other MOBA titles are famous for and limiting the available characters to 24 at this moment while allowing ease of use and play for newcomers. Typically MOBA’s can be overly complex and you spend a lot of time trying to find the right build or character to use, and often you are forced into picking a certain character because another player has already chosen one. This is not needed with SmashMuck.

SmashMuck Champions Screenshot 1

As for game modes you have 5 to choose from; Destroyer, Plunderball, Conquest, Siege, and Gauntlet. Destroyer has players collecting items to power up their “Colossus” which means the opposing team is doing the same thing, and it’s your team’s job to destroy the enemy colossus before it’s built.

Plunderball (my favorite mode) is a capture-the-ball mode in which 3x capture equals a win. Conquest is almost self explanatory, you need to go out and claim as much territory as possible to be declared the victor by holding zones and gaining points to reach the goal.

Siege is the standard MOBA battle where you destroy towers and push your way through your enemy’s base. And finally there’s Gauntlet. This is a cooperative play that sends a, well, gauntlet of enemies at you that must pass much like a survivor mode.

I really enjoyed my time playing this game even though I’m not the biggest MOBA fan. I think SmashMuck has brought a new player into the world of MOBA’s and I feel as if it’ll do the same for others when the game releases. You can sign up and enter now for Early Access of the game by going to

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