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This week’s SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week is SG Hopeful Minecraft. Minecraft isn’t just a gamer, she also manages a gaming store. I sat down to talk to her about what it is like running a video game store and what her thoughts are on the used game market in terms of how it affects the industry.

How did you first become a professional model?  

SuicideGirls is the first real modeling I’ve ever done.  Before my Aftermath set I had only been in front of the camera twice and that was just to get comfortable with it.

Judging by your SG username, you’re clearly a Minecraft fan. What is the coolest thing you have ever built?

Haha about that… I NEVER play in creative mode.  I like the challenge in survival mode.  I also don’t think I play Minecraft like most other people.  The only thing I ever build is a house. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a sweet house but that’s it. No super big 8-bit sprites or castles! Just a house way up on a mountain overhang, always with a underground bedroom that has a full glass wall over looking the best view and a library for my enchantment table. I spend unknown amounts of time dying, mating, and sheering all my sheep so I can “paint” all the rooms in my house, harvesting fields, and hunting.

My favorite part of Minecraft though is the exploration aspect of it. I love going out and finding things like caves, I will spend HOURS in caves. The current map that I am working on, the cave generated very close to the surface and right under a village, so I spent the first three days making glass and putting it over all the exposed areas to keep all the monsters out and my pets from falling in. In those caves is where I will spend about 60 – 75% of my time when playing. I love finding strongholds, mine shafts, and exploring all the intricate cave systems mining coal, iron ore, gold, diamonds and obsidian.

How many hours have you put onto Minecraft total?  

I haven’t found a way to check that on 360, and I’m kind of afraid to.  I assume it’s somewhere in the range of 400 to 500 hours. Maybe more between the four maps I have going right now.

Is it your most-played game?  

Oh no way! It’s up there but it’s not my most-played.  I would say that would have to go to Pokemon or DJ Hero, followed by Halo and Tetris, then Minecraft.

Aside from Minecraft, what are some of your other favorite games?  

Oh boy that’s a loaded question!

Xbox:  HALO, Borderlands, Forza, Lego Games, Diablo, Tomb Raider, Skyrim, RockBand, Dj Hero, and Plants vs. Zombies.
PS3/Vita: Katamari games, Need for Speed, and Little Big Planet.
DS/Wii: Animal Crossing, Monster Hunter, Pokemon, Tetris, Kid Icarus, Kirby, and Cooking Mama.
PC: Sims 3, SimTower, SimCity3000,  Rollercoaster Tycoon, and SWTOR .
iPhone: Tiny Tower, Pocket Planes, Flight Control, and I’m currently sucked into the Star Wars Force Collection card collecting game.

I’m more than sure I missed some in there but you get the idea I really like gaming and I’ve been doing it for my entire life basically.

MinecraftNo Call of Duty? I’m sure lots of people would be happy to hear that…   

Nope, no Call of Duty…  I’ve played a couple of the campaigns, but you won’t catch me on online.  I wouldn’t say they were bad games and I wouldn’t talk you out of buying it.  I just prefer Halo or Borderlands when it come to my first person shooter.

I noticed Halo was the very first you mentioned. Which game in the Halo series is the best, in your opinion?   

I love the entire Halo universe. On top of playing and loving all of the games (yes that includes Halo 3: ODST) I have read many of the books and greatly enjoyed the Forward Unto Dawn series they did on Xbox LIVE.  The first game will always hold a special place in my heart since that is the first time I met my Chief, but I would have to say that Reach was my favorite game out of the series so far.  I love the story of the game and the fact that you get to play as your own Spartan on “Noble Team.”  I also felt like the game play was a little more raw, I like the update that they did to some of the old school weapons and found myself falling in love with the M6 Magnum all over again.

What is your console of choice?

Console: 360  Handheld: 3ds

PS4 or Xbox One?  

I’ll have both day one, but the Xbox One will be my primary system.

What do you think will be the #1 system seller for each of the next generation consoles at launch or shortly after launch?   

I think that at launch the Ps4 will sell better, it has the lower price point, more games at release, and no drama behind it. In the long run I think more people will end up getting the Xbox One, it just offers so much more when it comes to media streaming and other apps and it has the better exclusive line up.

Which next gen game that we currently know about do you think will have the biggest impact in terms of sales and popularity?  

Destiny. I know it’s far away but that game is going to be revolutionary, and it’s going to change everything we know about social gaming.

So you also run your own video game store? What’s that like?  

It’s a lot of work, more then most people expect.  I spend most of my time in my store which doesn’t leave a lot of room for a social or family life.  I have a lot of fun at work most days, and enjoy my job for the most part because hey I get to talk about video games all day and who doesn’t like that!  But it can be super stressful and very draining, when you have to maintain a store front, answer everyone’s questions, ring up transactions, take in shipment, display new product, manage a full staff, deal with 50 screaming kids, try to help the socially awkward gamer kid… I could go on but I think you get the point.  Then there’s midnight releases that I have to plan, organize, and host successfully and the holiday season which is basically four months of hell.  My store is pretty much my life to sum it up.

MinecraftHow long have you been running your store?  

About a year, but I’ve been working in the store for over four years now.  I started in 2009 as a seasonal hire and was promoted to a key holder within four months.  A year later I got promoted to Assistant Manager and then I took over the store last year on the week of Black Friday.

As someone who runs a gaming store, what is your professional opinion on the used game market? Do you think that it siphons sales from games like some developers and publishers claim, or is it good for the industry to allow used game purchases and sales?  

I stand behind used games 100%.  Any place that sells games brand new only makes about five dollars off that game.  If they are not selling another product like a Best Buy, Wal-Mart, or Target they have to sell used games or there is no way they are going to keep a business open.  It’s great for the consumer, knowing that they can sell their games back, it makes them more willing to drop that $65 on a brand new game. It’s not such a scary commitment when you know that once you’re done with it or if you don’t like it you can bring it back and get something for it.

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