New Data: PlayStation 3 is the Most Played Gaming Console, Global Console Sales to Decrease 19%

PS3 VS XBOX 360 SALES 2012

News has broken that Strategy Analytics are predicting the video game consoles business to drop by 19% in 2012, citing a downward trend worldwide. Strategy Analytics go on to present the PlayStation 3 as the most actively played gaming console. They also state that even Nintendo with their Wii U push will not be immune to this.

It’s possible that this data (if accurate) lead to a quicker deployment of next-gen console technology. On the other hand it could signal a shift to new formats. Check out the full press release below for even more interesting pieces of information:

“BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The global TV games console market will drop by 19 percent in 2012, according to the latest research from the Strategy Analytics Connected Home Devices service, “Global TV Games Console Outlook: a Transitional Year Awaiting a New Wave.” The report projects a decline in global Xbox 360 sales 13.8 million units in 2012; and PS3 sales will also fall, to 13 million units. Nintendo is fully focused on preparing for the upcoming Wii U release; however, even the launch of the new Wii U will not save Nintendo, or the industry, from this downward trend.

“On the other hand, Xbox 360 appeals to a broader audience, as more consumers buy the Microsoft console for non-gaming as well as gaming functions.”

Additionally, this recent Strategy Analytics ConsumerMetrix survey shows that users of Sony’s PS3 games console showed the highest level of usage frequency, topping its two major competitors. Forty-four percent of PS3 owners use their console on at least a weekly basis, in contrast to 40 percent of weekly Xbox 360 users and 30 percent of Wii users.

“Last year, Xbox 360 sales beat PS3 globally, despite its relative weakness outside the US. However, Strategy Analytics research indicates that PS3 is slightly more popular among core gamers than Xbox 360,” comments report author, Jia Wu, Director in the Strategy Analytics Connected Home Devices service. “On the other hand, Xbox 360 appeals to a broader audience, as more consumers buy the Microsoft console for non-gaming as well as gaming functions.”

“Sales figures alone do not determine winners in this generation’s console competition,” adds Kantideep Thota, Analyst at Strategy Analytics. “Wii has sold the highest number of games consoles cumulatively; but Sony’s and Microsoft’s advancement in online game distribution and cross-platform integration grants them higher user engagement and a solid foundation for the next generation console war.”

About Strategy Analytics

Strategy Analytics, Inc. provides timely and actionable market intelligence focused on opportunities and disruptive forces in the areas of Automotive Electronics and Entertainment, Broadband Connected Home, Mobile & Wireless Intelligent Systems and Virtual Worlds. Headquartered in Boston, MA, with offices in the UK, France, Germany, Japan, S. Korea and China, Strategy Analytics works with clients through annual multi-client services, management team workshops and custom consulting engagements. For more information, please visit

Full Press Release by Strategy Analytics

  • Hirok-F-u

    “…more consumers buy the Microsoft console for non-gaming as well as gaming functions.”


    …Blu-Ray Player?

  • Cyborg

    “On the other hand, Xbox 360 appeals to a broader audience, as more consumers buy the Microsoft console for non-gaming as well as gaming functions.”

    So much for Sony’s plans for the PS3 to be a media center.

    • Roberta

      Okay, if you trust Wikipedia (which I do, mostly) then it spatlueces that another Xbox console may be released in 2015 (certainly after, but not before. 10 years into 360 production. A new version of the 360 is to be released close to project natals release. The PS4 hasn’t been confirmed, let alone a release date. The Wii hasn’t been confirmed either, but the black Wii did just come out.

  • Kamille

    And then when it flops they drop the price by 50 bucks, people think that they are a getting a good deal and then Profit! Even thought the console will probably under-powered compared to current gen standards….

    • CML

      Awwww… Soh Knee is maaaddd. LOL

      Face it. The xBox 360 is a casual media box with a decline in hardcore gaming. 🙂

  • Soh Knee

    I laughed so hard when I read the comment that the PS3 appeals more to the hardcore gamers. Really? That’s why Microsoft has 21+ million XBL subscribers paying $60/year. While the PSN has gamers with multiples of PSN accounts (easy to do since they cost nothing) and then brags about those fake numbers.

    XBOX 360 is the hardcore console. The gaming industry knows it and states it every day on blogs, in magazines and industry associations.

  • True Gamer

    Keyword is “survey” the only facts in this article are last years console sales in which 360 edged out ps3 and wii.

  • dieger

    you hear that MS? its time for a new console or atleast a new version of the 360 its very VERY old!

  • habeebit

    I call bullcrap. The reason the PS3 kicks so much butt is because A – online play is free, PSN is free and you can have B – multiple accounts for any PS3/PSN region, and C – in case you didn’t hear it the first time, PSN is FREE. With the worlds bucketlist economy and the playstation brand being much more popular among older gamers (let alone they have more consoles out now still selling games on store shelves), it’s going to be very difficult to keep the PS down. Sadly the only ones who can do that are Sony themselves, with bad business decisions and weak support for new peripherals (move), lack of backwards compatibility (forsaking a generation of gaming), disorganization among their US, EU, and JPN branches, including a far weaker US division than there was back in the PS1 age, and much less of a drive to support ‘the little guy’ studios during the PS3 age have taken its toll. This day and age money talks far more than ever, and if the PS4 really is around the corner then in retrospect the PS3 age had a much weaker lineup than the PS2 and PS1 ages had. (RIP Socom series, sorry 4 had to kill you so bad)

    • wtfwtfwtf

      sales have nothing to do with play time. Millions of 360s died out of warranty and people bought a new one. Of course PS3 has more play time. It has longer single player and more replayability, less repetitive online modes, free online for anyone to “nolife” on, and so on. 360 limits users a lot. You must pay for online, you have hardly any variety for online, and single player games are to short and lacking.

    • wtfwtfwtf

      Not to mention the 360s without harddrives. “No room for a lot of saves or installs? Looks like I can’t even play at all.”

      • Adeel

        All those release dates beeidss Natal are a lie. Nothing has been announced, I don’t even think companies are planning yet. There’s no reason for a new console, Microsoft is continuing to update the 360 with new ideas and games, and the PS3 still needs help and Nintendo can’t even make enough Wiis yet to meet demand. No, no new consoles for what i expect to be years.

        • I’m sorry to bust your bubble but it hasn’t even been one full year yet and you have been proven wrong. When I read your comments they sound like they were written in 2006. Way outdated information Adeel.

  • Jack

    It’s mathematically impossible for the ps3 to have more play time than the 360 in the us. Just look at the sales gap.

    And like many already pointed out, it’s easy to have multiplebpsn accounts. Sad thingis, sony brags about those numbers.

    • How many of those sales were replacement systems or extra systems? 1 sale does not = 1 person playing all month / all year. Sad thing is you feel the need to debate this. Sony is not the one who produced the report. And the important factor is the decrease in global sales predicted, not the competition. You guys all missed the point…

  • ppSucks

    So many angry 360 users in here, instead of playing the 360 they supposedly can’t get enough of.

    How many years now without anything worth buying? Why even still have that piece of crap?

    It’s also hilarious that a moron left a comment trying to claim that more xbox live subscribers; somehow make the kiddy kinect system more hardcore. Here’s a hint you moron, you get a month free xbox live (at least) with the system, these accounts are still counted in the total. Those are not active users. Microsoft are a bunch of bul****ers, stop beliving their crap. I’ve read the fineprint in their financial reports. If you believe those numbers, you’re an idiot. They also count refurbished broken systems in their SHIPPED numbers. The only company still using SHIPPED numbers instead if SOLD.

    Good job cc*****, Microsoft loves your support.

  • Blee47018

    lol. Xbox users are so much more of sore losers than PS3 and even god forbid, wii. It is funny how they get so angry over a simple statistic that talks about the better system in terms of value, reliability and overall sensibility. That is just how it is plain and simple, so shut the Fuck up MS fanboys, you people are so stupid, and annoying.. It really grinds my gears you as***les b****ing about nothing. Well I am here to b**ch at your stupidity. Go buy a PS3, try it please. You will see what your missing. Thank you all, have a nice night.

  • Edison720 (PS3 username)

    PS3=Yellow Light of Death. 360=Red Rings of Death. Wii=Paperweight. PS3 sells more units globally on a weekly basis, has free online. 360=the premiere system for 1st person shooters, has a loyal online stock of people. Wii=Piece of crap,Piece of crap, Piece of CRAP! Thank you, have a good night.

  • John

    Yes we can have multiple ps3 accounts but i work at best buy and can tell you that many people come in to buy there 3rd or 4th 360 do to the previous numbers failing. So in reality take the numbers for 360s sold and cut that down 35% then you have the number of 360s sold that still work. I own i 360 love gears but thats it everything else i play on ps3.

  • Xander

    The Xbox 360 only sells well in the UK and the United States, which are both over-run by inbred, spiritually malnourished impressionable retards.

    Only stupid people would buy an Xbox 360 and try to defend what little value it and the live service holds.

  • 0fishal

    Guys, the console is on it’s way out. With connected tv on the rise its just a mater of time before consoles are obsolete.

  • n8 west

    well if the 360 is banned in the u.s. sales numbers for it will die. i went thru 6 xboxs an 13 360s….good thing i worked at a game store….i will never own a microsoft console again….love my playstations tho…1,2 an 3

  • liam

    Not to mention that you have to buy batteries for the Xbox 360 controller unless you buy a play and charge kit, PS3 comes standard with a rechargeable controller, 160gb minimum hdd, blu ray, bluetooth connectivity, free online gaming, region free etc… All this for £199.99. Certain games may look slightly sharper on the 360 were others don’t, the difference is so little that its hardly noticeable. the thing that pisses me off with the 360 most is the need for multiple discs on larger games, final fantasy, max payne 3 etc.. The Xbox is still great though Forza kicks the s**t outta GT5, but as a more complete package the PS3 has it all.

  • Liam

    Just buy both and have the best of both. They both have top class exclusive games, Unchartered, Halo etc.. Why bitch about it like little nerds pointing out pathetic lighting and texture differences. If you called yourselves gamers you would play games to enjoy them not criticise them so just enjoy what you have got because that is the whole point of buying a games console to enjoy games etc.. I enjoy watching films which is the sole reason why I tend to be on the PS3 more because I watch a lot of blu rays and stream films onto the hdd. But i also love playing Forza so I get the best from both in the long run.

  • cadfamily

    This data is false its Xbox 360 even though I hate that hunk of crap we all know its true dont be fanboys

  • Rider

    I call BS xbox sold more

    • The Xbox did sell more. It says so in this report multiple times. The PlayStation 3 was the most played console for the period of time the report refers to. Global Console Sales Decrease predictions were the important factor not the competitive aspect.

  • Jack The Pumpkin King

    No XBOX is most played everybody knows that gawd

  • T-Mack

    Maybe if they didn’t charge 2 play online…

  • xbox

    xbox ftw

  • HeadShot Master

    Xbox FTW

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