SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week: Elliott Suicide

Elliott Suicide

Is there a story behind the name Elliott?

I chose the name Elliott for SuicideGirls because of my undying love for poor deceased Elliott Smith. He’s always been one of my favorite musicians, and that’s pretty much it!

How did you first get into modeling?

I had always been interested in the fashion and modeling world. When I turned 18 I started dating an aspiring photographer so I started to pose nude in photographs for her. Since she was just starting out it was great for her portfolio, and for me it was just really fun getting all these pretty photographs of me. That very same year I discovered SG (via Myspace lol), and got a membership. I sorta lurked for a long time on the boards and the groups before I decided it was something I wanted to do, too.

What are your favorite video games?

This one is tough! Let’s start with my absolute favorite game of all time, which is Final Fantasy VII. It’s the game that turned me from a casual gamer into a serious one. I was ten when that game came out and I can’t imgine anything more epic and amazing for a kid of that age to get involved in. The reveal of Sephiroth blew my mind apart. But I won’t go divulging spoilers. Other favorites include The Legend of Zelda series (especially OoT, Majoras Mask, and Windwaker), though sadly I never got a Wii so have yet to play all the latest Zeldas. The first two Resident Evils (and Code Veronica of course), a little known gem called Parasite Eve, Arkham Asylum, Kingdom Hearts, the Fallout series (especially 3), Dragon Age, aaaaand most recently THE LAST OF US (Game of the year IMHO). That was a long list… haha sorry.

EliottHow long have you been gaming?

Well I have an elder sister who got a Nintendo when she was six and I was three. I guess that’s when I started! I sucked, and used to cry every time I died in Mario, but now I am far superior to my noob sister in all things video games. Mwahahaha! However as I said earlier I only became a serious gamer around 10, when I discovered RPGs.

What are you currently playing?

Right now I have been playing GTA V. I’ve also been playing The Walking Dead DLC and the latest Dishonored DLC.

So being a fan of FF7, what do you think of the other Final Fantasies? Do any of the others stack up?

I think the Final Fantasy franchise is lucrative for a reason, there is so much love and talent poured into the games… but in all honesty… no! None of them are close to the level FF7 is (to me, at least). I am sure a lot of people will disagree with me or accuse me of trolling, but for me FF7 was the last really amazing Final Fantasy game. I enjoyed 8 well enough, but after that it sorta took a turn into a place I wasn’t interested in. I played FFV and VI/III though, and those are definite favorites of mine as well!

One of the best parts of FF7 was it had so many plots and sub-plots. What would you say was your favorite plotline?

Yes! I completely agree the subplots were so well put together and fun, and each one seemed to reveal more about the characters but without being too drawn out. Midgar is a great example; as I remember starting off the game thinking the Shinra were to be the main and most evil antagonists of the game. And then Sephiroth came into play. My mind was blown! Besides the Midgar storyline my favorite sub-plot would probably be the return to Cosmo Canyon with Red XIII. Meeting Bugenhagen, exploring the underground Gi cave, and finding out Seto was actually a true hero was so beautifully done. Plus! The Great Warrior song only plays once in the entire game and it’s during that part. Epic. Just epic.

Which characters did you use for your party?

Cloud (duh!), Yuffie, and Red XIII. I used Aerith a lot until the end of disc 1 as well. Bummer.

ElliottYou mentioned The Last of Us was another favorite of yours. What did you like most about it?

Well first off, I think Naughty Dog is probably the most successful games company when it comes to making cinematic type games. They just have that feel and touch done so perfectly (lighting, camera, dialogue, etc) and the Last of Us is no exception. The characters are beautifully developed, the landscapes gorgeous, and the whole horrible apocalypse really felt real, the dynamic between Ellie and Joel… and everything you see them go through… I can’t pick just one thing!! Besides (for me) it has one of the best game endings of all time. I guess if pressed I’d have to say I liked how much of a movie experience the whole game was for me. It made me feel emotional, it made me feel angry, sad… everything. It’s a masterpiece and it made my insane crush for Nathan Drake disappear into a Joel shaped poof of smoke. 😉

What about Kingdom Hearts. Do you think Kingdom Hearts 3 will live up to the hype?

I hope to God it does! Hahaha I haven’t played any of the in-between games, so for me it’s basically been a ten year gap since my last KH experience. That’s a lot of time to build up expectation…

Being such an avid RPG fan, do you think RPGs with turn-based combat (such as FF7) are better than RPGs with action-based combat (such as Dragon Age)?

Ooh tricky one. It really depends on the type of game I reckon. Although referencing DA as the action-based RPG is funny for me because when I played DA I’d play it on the hard setting which made it so I would have to play it Baldur’s style, pausing every time I wanted to make a move. Thus essentially transforming it into turn-based! However I think things like fighting in RPGs while moving can work too (ala the KH series)… just sometimes it’s not necessary to the story, and is poorly done. And strategy is more fun than button bashing to me any day. So gonna go with turn based!

If materia were real, and you could have any materia to use in real life, what would it be and why (also Knights of the Round isn’t allowed as answer!)

If I could use any materia IRL, I guess it’d have to be Phoenix. Not only is it a badass summon I could take out any of my enemies with, it’d also basically make me a necromancer. No one I love would ever have to die, whilst enemies would crumble beneath my giant Phoenix! Is that creepy? Whatever! 😛

Where can fans find more of you?