SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week: Palette Suicide


Why did you choose the name “Palette?”

I chose Palette after a long period of not having any idea what I wanted to use. I had a few options, but none of them stuck, and all my friends that I asked always seemed to prefer Palette. It refers to an artist’s palette that is used to hold and mix paints. I’ve been studying art for as long as I can remember, and went to school for it as well. It’s been a passion of mine and I hope that one day I can show more people that side of myself. The other reason that I chose Palette was that it’s a homonym for Pallet which is a reference to the town in Pokemon! I don’t play it as much as I used to, but that game and the TV series shaped my childhood. The name Palette seemed to just fit.

Tell me about your tattoos. Is that an Umbrella logo I see?

Yes it is! I’m a big Resident Evil fan, so I got this tattoo as soon as I saved up enough money. I also have a tattoo of the companion cube from Portal right next to it. My arm was a collection of random designs that I got mostly from Friday the 13th tattoo specials at my favorite shop, Three Kings Tattoo in Brooklyn, until pretty recently. I had my half sleeve started with Jason June in August. It’s a wolf skull with lotus surrounding them based off artwork from John Dyer Baizley. I have an Eye of Horus set in a flying scarab on the nape of my neck, and little ankh on my forearm because I was obsessed with Egyptian history as a teenager.

My legs are something that I never really thought I would get tattooed, but now I have two large pieces on them! My left thigh was done by John Sultana who created my tattoo based on a natal reading he did for me. Basically, he reads how the stars and planets are aligned on the moment you’re born, and how that corresponds to your life. My reading dealt with transformation, and I was also born on the most central solar eclipse in nearly 800 years. So he created a piece with an eclipse in the center, and a moth with blooming roses to represent transition. My right leg has a skull and rose done by Zac Scheinbaum at Saved Tattoo. Otherwise, I have a few badly done stick and pokes I did on myself, finger mustache, cat whiskers and the symbols for the sun and moon.

You also have pierced nipples. Does that hurt as much as one would imagine it does?

It totally does! Anyone that said it doesn’t hurt is lying. I got both of mine done at the same time and I was miserable. It didn’t help that the shop I was at was playing Toy Story 3 in the background and the movie was at the part where the toys are all screaming for their lives. I was so on edge the whole time. The healing process is a nightmare, but they’re worth it in the end.

palette2So how did you first get into video games?

I honestly don’t even know. As a kid, I always just had whatever consoles were available to me. I was spoiled in that way. I grew up having a Game Boy, Nintendo 64 and SEGA Dreamcast, and when I got older that turned into a PlayStation, then an Xbox and so on. It was something that was always there for me to entertain myself with. I didn’t have a lot of friends in school, so I spent most of my time online or playing games. I guess video games were something like second nature. Instead of watching TV or getting into sports, I sort of just played video games. I’m sure that sounds super lame!

What would you say are some of your all-time favorites?

Well, I without a doubt can say my favorite series is Resident Evil. I watched the movies, read the books, played through the games and learned everything I could about it. I even run a little blog on tumblr about the series (, though I’m guilty of not updating it lately because I’ve been so busy. Aside from that, I love the Silent Hill series and the Devil May Cry series. I’m not the kind of person to play every new game that is out, so I like to spend my time with certain ones and pay attention to the stories too. I enjoy a good online session in Halo every once in a while, but I’m not too big on shooters because I have terrible vision and can’t see anything half the time haha. Right now I’m just playing through Deadpool and started up Diablo III on Xbox 360 (even though I already definitely wasted a hell of a lot of time playing it on the PC…)

Resident Evil went from being a horror franchise with a focus on survival and puzzle solving to one that is pretty much just action based now (e.g. RE4, 5, & 6). Which type of gameplay do you prefer?

I first fell in love with the survival aspect, and I loved the puzzles (most of the time, because we all know they were super frustrating sometimes). Most of all, though, I love the story. I love the cheesy cut scenes, the silly dialogue, and the zombie and BOW action. All of that really drew me in. So, the earlier games in the Resident Evil franchise hold a really special part of my heart. The more recent titles I haven’t been that enthused about, particularly 5, 6 and the Operation Raccoon City games. They just felt out of place and didn’t have the things that made the older games special. It’s all action, guns, running, big explosions and this Call of Duty state of mind… not that it’s a bad thing, it’s just not my cup of tea. I like taking my time. I like that building anticipation, that sense of mystery and terror walking down an empty hallway to only be ambushed by Cerberus. So, I’m all about that survival horror.

Which Resident Evil game do you like best and why?

Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4 are my favorites. I’m a little bit of a Leon Kennedy fan girl and I also love Ada Wong, so that’s a little bit of explanation. But I liked the parallel story line dynamic in Resident Evil 2, and attempting to survive around the infected Raccoon City. I think Resident Evil 4 was the clear shift for the franchise, but it did it so well that it was an improvement and still felt like a Resident Evil game. It perfectly combined everything I liked about the first games, while also modernizing the game play and picking up the pace. The newer Resident Evil games tried too hard to be action games set in the Resident Evil universe. I will always see Resident Evil 4 as the peak of this little world Capcom has created.

If you could make your own video game, what would it be about?

Oh man! I don’t even know… zombies? Horror? A little action? Maybe even hack and slash?! I would like to make something that is sort of like the earlier Resident Evil games. Some mechanism like in Silent Hill or Amnesia where the darkness is safe, but difficult to see in… while light allows better movement but attracts enemies. I’m a sucker for an underdog main character, and maybe a seductive yet mysterious female counterpart. A plot that has to do with saving the fate of humanity. I love cinematic cut scenes. I’d want a ton of interactive objects and customization in terms of weapons, healing items, and armor. I have too many specifics and no big story idea!

Are there any upcoming games you are looking forward to getting?

I literally just got Animal Crossing on the 3DS because I was absolutely obsessed with it on the GameCube! So that’s going to be consuming a lot of my time in the next few weeks. Otherwise, nothing upcoming is making me too excited. I have no interest in buying the new generation of consoles and all the new games are pretty much launch titles for the Xbox One or PS4. I might have considered buying Dead Rising 3, if that wasn’t the case.


I heard you went to Comic-Con, how was that?

It was a lot of fun but super tiring! I grew up in San Diego, so I was privileged enough to attend the huge Comic Con there almost every year since I was young. When I moved to New York, I was sort of disappointed at the size of NYCC. However, this year, it was a lot bigger and there was way more interesting vendors. They still need to work on picking up better panels and guests, but that’s going to happen in time. Since SuicideGirls didn’t have an official booth this past year, I organized a meet up with myself and a few other girls at the Manic Panic booth.

It was really nice to see some New York, New Jersey, and Philly based SuicideGirls and SuicideGirls Hopefuls come together. We all wore costumes and hung out during the day. My costume was Morrigan from the game Darkstalkers; it was super uncomfortable to wear but I loved it. Over all, had a wonderful time, met so many awesome fans, and can’t wait to figure out what’s going to happen next year. I’m sure it’ll be another adventure!

As a veteran of SDCC, have you cosplayed before dressing up as Morrigan recently at NYCC?

At SDCC, I’ve dressed up as a zombie, Cassie from Hack/Slash. I didn’t dress up a lot at SDCC because I was pretty young and was with family most of the time. When I turned 18 and started attending or visiting, then I started cosplaying more. I went to PAX East a few years ago as Pikachu, and my first time at NYCC I dressed up as Lucy from Elfen Lied. Hopefully next year I can work on my costumes and get to wiggle my way to more conventions.

Outside of video games what are some of your other hobbies?

I try and create artwork as much as I can, although I’m guilty of procrastinating hardcore. I work a lot, so much of my time after I get off work is spent being really lazy and then sleeping. Most of the time I just watch TV or movies on Netflix, have a drink and crash. I’m really boring and I don’t really like to party or go out too often. I’m a homebody haha.

Where can fans see more of you?

Instagram: @palettesuicide
Twitter: @sicknessnsleep