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Are Warhawk Servers In Danger? Dylan Jobe Says SONY Hasn’t Said So

By Jon Ireson in News

Warhawk Best Multiplayer Game of All Time

In a casual conversation with a fellow Warhawkian over Twitter this evening @DylanJobe responded to our fears of Warhawk’s PlayStation 3 Dedicated Servers being shut down. For those of you that know me well you know that Warhawk is my favorite multiplayer game of all time. The topic came up as we were both discussing PlayStation 4 titles and our fond memories of the incredible Warhawk game.

Recently rumors had been circulating the PSN chat waves that Warhawk’s PS3 servers would be shut down “soon”. When asked by twitter user @keithelliott1 (known as AutoTranz to the PSN / Warhawk community) @DylanJobe replied from his official Twitter account with the following tweet:

Warhawk Dedicated Servers

Here are the PS3 Warhawk Dedicated Servers in all their glory.

Now if only the Warhawk community could get together and bring SONY to the realization of how amazing this title was, bring it back somehow for the next-gen, then I could die a happy man having seen nothing like it and nothing as good since I first began shooting stuff on DOOM.

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  • Warhawk has truly been the ultimate multi-player game of the now previous generation of games consoles. It would be extremely sad to think there would be nothing akin to our beloved Warhawk forthcoming on PS4.
    Warhawk truly created a real brotherhood on-line and I personally never gained as many good friends through any other game.
    I’m afraid Starhawk just didn’t cut it with us true Warhawkers, a classic case of trying fix something which wasn’t broken. Proof of this is easily obtained with one simple question.. Will we be worrying about the closure of Starhawk servers in 5 years time???
    Long live Warhawk! (and the true next gen sequel we hope for!!!)

    Tom M…

    • lol &$@station war#$^ hah!!! PC master race not console garbage playstation is the worst most overated brand out there!!!!

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