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Using Xbox ONE w/ Kinect = Nightmare

By Brian R in Impressions

mountain of garbage

As I sit here and read on Forbes (1 hour before this post was published) “Xbox ONE OS Has Problems” and Microsoft assuring the gamer public (many of whom have still never put their hands on the console) – I realize that many of you have absolutely no idea how f*$^#d xbl is right now. Sony is literally burying Microsoft with PlayStation Network over Xbox Live. Allow me to explain how using Xbox ONE with Kinect is a complete nightmare and utter failure in programming / design. With recent promises from Microsoft that XBL will “get better and better” and so many gamers not bothering to buy an Xbox ONE I felt the need to address this and put it out there.

Voice messaging does t work. Friends online notifications don’t work. Friends list is a disorganized mess. Kinect is a total hit or miss. When my son and I were playing Killer Instinct he was signed in as the dominant XBL account. When I told him an Xbox voice command it overrode him being number one and made me number one. He literally was signed out and had to sign back in. When I had a hiccup with my internet connection all of the tiles went down on the Xbox ONE’s User Interface.

It took me a few reboots of the modem and rebooting the X1 multiple times to get the connection re-established and that’s just to get the tiles working again so the User Interface actually functioned and I could play my games. It’s like they are watching us so closely for every little thing. If my friends sign into Xbox Live it doesn’t let me know. The only way I can see if they’re on is constantly checking my friends list.

Partying up with people is a hassle now too. The whole UI needs serious tweaking and it needed it like last month. This console was nowhere near ready for the 2013 launch Microsoft has just rushed it into. When you are in a game and launch Skype or Internet Explorer it’s worse than a nightmare trying to return to full-screen with the game only. The UI has a learning curve that shouldn’t even exist after we’ve been marketed a lie about the Kinect and ONE interface being incredibly smooth, and yet here it is a pile of bricks falling on your head every time you want to do even the most basic of actions. The system should be user friendly and it’s not. By comparison, using the PS4 is so easy it’s a joke. An 8 yea old or an 80 year old could figure it out because it’s so accessible. If it wasn’t for Killer Instinct I would’ve already disconnected the Xbox ONE system from my TV. Does Microsoft even care? If so, why did they release it in this almost unplayable condition.

Oh and what is the point of having Internet Explorer if you can’t use a mouse and keyboard? Voice commands are way too limited to browse the net with. The X1 UI is nowhere near advanced enough to have the voice be implemented for everything. The commercials are like sci-fi compared to the sad reality.

I can’t even imagine what a person who has no interest in gaming and buys this console for a multimedia device feels like dealing with the amount of B.S. they will have to learn just to use its basic functions. For people like us its annoying, and we’re tech-savvy. I can’t imagine if say, my in-laws got one. I think it’s going to take at the very least a full year before this console even resembles the pretend fantasy Microsoft tries to pull off in those commercials that are out right now advertising how easy it is to use the X1 UI with Kinect. The X1 gets distracted when the person who is signed in says anything resembling a command. I could go on for days and I only spend small amounts of time in the UI, I play GAMES on my game consoles.


Xbox ONE will take even more getting used to for those that are not very familiar with Windows 8 or the Xbox Live interface. Microsoft should be called out for their fantasy commercials, they are literally false advertising this device.

Does voice communication work? Yup nearly flawless. All the time? Hell no. It’s a hit or miss with a terrible ratio of ‘miss’ being obviously way more often than hit. Basic commands like “home” and “off” do good but that’s about it. Oh and don’t forget it’s slower with some things than you would think it should be. Some actions take multiple commands and even verification like “are you sure this is what you want?” to which you must say “yes” if so or “no” or “Xbox home”.


Xbox Sucks MEME

Bottom line; MS designed the X1 this way for one reason only. It’s a great marketing device but I guarantee most, and I mean a high percentage being an Xbox owner with 90% of my gaming, won’t use the voice commands after a couple of weeks because they’ll just be too frustrated. The controller does nearly  everything faster and the UI makes it a chore to go around the Kinect’s fully integrated madness.

I honestly see no reason at all for choosing voice commands over controller inputs. Controller input commands always work and you don’t have to tell people to be quiet or turn down the sound in your room. It’s just a silly design built only as a gimmick to try and get people to buy into the fantasy. This system is geared mainly for North America and maybe Europe, but in most other places this console’s design is completely inappropriate and might not even work. I honestly think MS is going to get completely steam-rolled worldwide by Sony and I’m not necessarily happy about it. I don’t want to see a monopoly form but MS is 2 years too late with this all-in-one concept. Sorry guys, I have a smartphone for that and last time I checked everybody in this country has either a computer, laptop, smartphone, or combination of the three.

Talk about irony, EDGE Magazine is the only major publication that had the guts to speak on this but they are basically showing you that this isn’t just one man’s rant. This is a real industry problem for Xbox gamers and Microsoft overall. if major press like EDGE agrees 110 f*$^@ng percent, then clearly the X1 UI is a nearly useless and completely infuriating mess.

At least Snoopy and Jayceon are having fun though, that’s what matters right? Right!?




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  • Wow great read, I had no idea it was this much of an issue. Ms really did rush this out the door.

  • wow lol

    You know Xbox is outselling ps4? And everything you said is retarded are you just a raging uneducated f*#%@t?

    • PlayStation 4 is the fastest selling console of all time and on track to the the best selling console of all time. They ran out of PS4’s which is why some Xbox ONE’s seemed like they were selling more on Black Friday – BECAUSE THERE WERE NOT ANY PS4’S LEFT.

      Who’s the uneducated one really? You came here to argue about Xbox selling when the article is about him owning the console and having problems. Do Xbox sales pay your bills? Do you care about games or sales? Stop being a troll and be a gamer for once in your life, or do you know how anymore?

    • Jonny Blings

      It is not even remotely close to selling on par with the PS4 let alone out selling it. You are either A) a total troll aZZhat B) totally and utterly misinformed C) Just not very smart.

  • I got 99 problems and my name is One. Love that line

  • Danny

    I agree, xb1 definitely rushed this out the market, but don’t you think that most, if not all of the above issues will be fixed with a couple updates? Xboxone UI is not terrible as described above.. I do agree about voice commands with kinect being a total gimmick however. the only time I find voice recognition useful is when I ask my console to record a game clip or switch over to tv. signing users in with face recognition is pretty convenient too. like I said earlier, xb1 could definitely use a couple updates, but UI isn’t f%#*ing terrible as described above..

    • Maybe not for you but that’s the thing, software experiences are never exactly the same for every user. It may not be terrible for you but for the Bandit and others, it is.