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Xbox ONE Is Not Sold Out, Microsoft Continues False Advertising Despite Retail Complaints From Major Stores

By Mitch Walters in Misc

Xbox ONE Sold Out Worldwide

Stores like Target, Gamestop, Best Buy, and Walmart have asked Microsoft to cease reveling in their false claims that the console has sold out online after Amazon’s recent 20 minute sellout of an entire batch of PlayStation 4 consoles. Many stores have the Xbox ONE in stock and this can be seen simply by walking into your nearest games store and looking on the shelves, or by hitting up ABC News 10’s report posted up below.

With so many companies claiming they never received shipments at all or that the shipments of Xbox ONE were extremely small compared to the PlayStation 4 shipments coming in from Sony; is this even supposed to impress us? Basically MS is doctoring the numbers, playing with the perception of how well they are doing, and flat out lying to gain support for their Xbox ONE rather than just making great games and selling as many consoles as they can.

[Some Info Sourced: ABC News 10]

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