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Super Motherload PS4 Giveaway (3 Easy Steps To Win A Free PS4 Game)

By Jon Ireson in Giveaways

Super Motherload PS4 Giveaway - RealGamerNewz


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  • daprophecy726

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  • Deuce-Cuatro

  • SonnyBone

First off, check out our PlayStation 4 Review of Super Motherload from developer XGen Studios. This incredibly addictive indie game for the PS4’s PSN market took us by surprise and myself alongside our staff still play it all the time discovering how bad our OCD’s truly are as we unearth every single Ore and Gem hidden beneath the Mars Surface unlocking new characters and experiencing Hardcore Mode.

In order to win yourself a free PS4 game (thanks to the sponsors XGen Studios for making this possible), first you must follow three simple steps! Now we want to remind everyone that while this is easy, we often have people forgetting one or two steps so read this carefully and do your best to become eligible the first time around as we certainly don’t want anyone to lose the contest due to a disqualification.

Step #1

Leave a Comment at the bottom of this article including your PlayStation Network ID and the reason why you support indie games. Yes, your reason will help determine if you are picked to win or not. We want people who appreciate indie games so the copy we give out is not wasted. Will you give this game a good home?

Step #2

Like us on Facebook and / or Follow us on Twitter (you can also join our Google+ Community) so the next time we do a Giveaway or publish the news / our reviews you will be able to consume it as one of our readers. Thank you for doing this and supporting indie gaming news website !

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Step #3

Share this with your friends by Re-tweeting the following tweet and/or Re-sharing the following Facebook Post. You can also share the link manually on Google+ or tell any Forum buddies you know about the giveaway. This will increase your chance to win, not decrease it; since we are able to track who helps spread the word and will take your help into consideration as a factor of whether or not you’ll win. We want help getting as many winners as we can, we have more than one copy of the game to give out!


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PRIZE INFO: Contest is for North America PlayStation 4 Version Only. XGen Studios (the developer of Super Motherload) have provided RealGamerNewz with codes that can be redeemed in the PlayStation Store and unlock a full copy of the game. 5 Winners will be chosen by the Editor Staff based on who has the comment we like most and potentially other factors described above in the 3 steps. You must complete ALL 3 STEPS or you will not be eligible to win.

WINNER INFO: 5 winners will be contacted through Private Messages on PSN and have between 12-24 hours to reply or else forfeit their winnings to the next in line. Once a reply is received so we can verify that the winner is ready, their Redeem Code will be sent to them over PSN. Winners will be announced on this post approximately one week after today’s date (see top of article for date of publication). Be sure to keep coming back to our Giveaway Section periodically for more chances to win.

Super Motherload PS4 Review RGN

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Your Comments

  • Good luck all you beautiful people

    • PSN: Deuce-Cuatro

      I like indie games because they take more chances than a AAA game. They know that in order to succeed they must stand out, and so they break away from anything formulaic and strive to add unique elements. The developers clearly put a great deal of effort into these creations knowing full well that they may not ever become popular or even profitable. It’s a cool feeling to support those guys and be a part of the community that helps take an indie game to the top.

  • The reason I love indie games is because I know when I am playing the games the developers put a lot of heart and soul into the game. Their art is not restricted by the publishers making them do things that they don’t want them to do, so in most cases the game comes out with that heart and soul they put in it. Plus with indie games like pixeljunk series, super meat boy, hotline Miami and badland, the replaybility is much better than retail games.

  • PSN daprophecy726

    In the past 2 years or so I have played a lot of different indie games that I enjoy. At first when I heard the title indie I would think that the game was cheap and not fun but after playing many different ones they can give you the same enjoyment as a AAA game and most times are more creative. I love to support indies so we can get more different experiences with games.

  • I won the Warframe platinum giveaway so I’m sure I’m not eligible for this one, but I want to at least spread some love for indie gaming while I’m here. I can play a game like GTAV for weeks on end and I can spend hours and hours in Mario 3D World, or I can push my skills to the limit in a game like The Wonderful 101 or Arkham City. Each year is peppered with huge games that blow you away and give you mountains of content to play through… but the “smaller” games… the indie games… those are the ones that seem to hold it all together for me. Games like the moving Journey, the challenging Spelunky, the atmospheric Bastion, and the visceral Hotline Miami… these are just a few “small” indie games that are now iconic. Sometimes those huge AAA games will sprawl far and wide but often leave you feeling a bit empty. Indie games are the games that tend to reach deep into my mind and stick with me long after the credits roll. They may be “small” in size but many of them are deep in a way that a huge production can never duplicate.

    And if you’re into indie games and you have even the slightest desire to get creative … I encourage you to try the Ludum Dare game jam this weekend… or ANY game jam, for that matter. It will change your life. This will be my 10th jam, where you make a game from scratch in just 48 hours. I started off as a player of indie games, and now I make them. There’s nothing stopping you from giving it a shot, so why not? The world can always use a few more game developers.

    OH, and Super Motherload keeps popping up all over the place. Everyone seems so surprised by how fun this game is, and that’s great to hear.
    PSN: SonnyBone

  • PSN ID: DariusSlayer

    I support the indie gaming community because of their freedom of expression isn’t withheld by any corporate standards or short-sighted goals that is driven by money/greed. Being an indie is tough, but the rewards pay off when you get to see people play your game and share it with others. That, and being a part of a friendly community of people who share the same dream as you.

  • My PSN ID is Megatron22 and I support indie games because they often deliver fresh new experiences and their often times very original and fun to play. They also promote competiton between indie devs which is good for the industry as a whole.

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