**GAMES ADDED** Holiday 2013 Steam Giveaway: Win 1 Of 22 Different Games {Sponsored by RealGamerNewz}

RealGamerNewz - STEAM Giveaway 2013

*****New Year’s 2013-2014 CONTEST LIVE*****


***UPDATE: XMAS Winners Announced:

-Kevin Bell
-Brian Depaul
-Angel Armstead
-Hardy Hadyan Sultan

***Thank you everyone for helping us bring Christmas joy to gamers worldwide.
***We are planning on putting together a New Year’s 2014 Steam Giveaway So Stay Tuned To RealGamerNewz.com

Steam Holiday Giveaway – RealGamerNewz Contest

Win One Of The Following Games (See Rules Below)

  • Assault Android Cactus* (our IndieSpotlight here)
  • Teslagrad* (our review here)
  • Retro City Rampage*
  • Steamworld Dig*
  • Serious Sam Double D
  • Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter
  • Serious Sam 2
  • Tiny and Big in Grandpa’s Leftovers
  • English Country Tune
  • Oil Rush
  • *The Giveaways with a star next to them are sponsored by the developers that made them.
    All Other Codes Provided By RealGamerNewz Staff, MERRY XMAS 🙂

  • Dead Island: GOTY + Saints Row The Third w/DLC (one code)
  • DEFCON, Multiwinia, Darwinia, and Uplink (one code)
  • Metro 2033, Risen, and Sacred Citadel (one code)
  • Risen 2, Sacred 2 Gold, Saints Row 2, Saints Row The Third (one code
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War
  1. HOW TO ENTER: Comment Below (your e-mail will be seen by RealGamerNewz Staff Only) and use a real email attached to your comment. We will not give out these email accounts to anybody. The winners will be sent their games (in the format of Steam Codes) and be identified as winners by their usernames on the comments they left when we announce winners, ***tell us your alias or Twitter name too if you want followers to follow you and to increase your chances of winning.***
  2. WRITE: ONE Game you’d want, if you could only pick one of these! We will choose the winners at random.
  3. RULES: YOU Must reply to the confirmation email we send notifying you that you’re a Winner. If you don’t reply in time you forfeit your prize to the next in line – so use an email account that you check or you will not be sent a code!

THANK You all for entering, Happy Holidays

Good Luck to ALL!

See the games in action below:

  • Brian Depaul

    English country tune looks like a cool game, this would be awesome to win

  • NonsensNinja

    Steamworld Dig looks really good.

  • nyulzsiraf

    I would like to win Steamworld Dig *.*
    Thanks for the giveaway and Happy Christmas 🙂

  • Recon117

    I’d love to win Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter. Even if I don’t win, it’s still an awesome giveaway.
    Thanks for having this Giveaway RGN and good luck to all who enter!

  • SteamGamer572

    Would love Metro 2033, haven;t played that in a while. Thanks!

  • SteamFTW

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would like the last package

    Merry XMAS!

  • weaponlordzero

    I would love to get Steamworld Dig! The game is great and I’m looking forward to seeing it on my big monitor!


  • Clarence

    Steamworld Dig looks great! Thanks for the chance! @80sClarence

  • Clarence

    Second choice would be Dead Island: GOTY + Saints Row The Third w/DLC – thanks 😀

  • Bramblett

    Steamworld Dig looks awesome. I would love to play that over the holidays.

    • Bramblett

      Saints row would be my 2nd choice

  • **UPDATE** Everyone: Please include a second choice, just in case! Thank you all for entering!

  • Display Name

    saints row 4

  • Alan

    Dead Island GOTY or Serious Sam 2

  • kenb6870

    Saints Row 2, Saints Row The Third (one code)

  • Display Name

    Dead Island: GOTY + Saints Row The Third w/DLC!

  • Dragoshere

    SR 2 would be cool for sure

  • shwar

    Oil rush or dead island 🙂

  • GearofTime

    I’d love to win Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter. Played the 1st one and loved it

  • M1ssJenna

    Hi there I would love to win the Risen 2 package or Dead Island: GOTY xoxo

  • EryDayImFlexin

    Retro City Rampage becuause it was originally gonna be Vice City on NES and I want to re-live all the classix they formatted in!!!


    Metro 2033

  • Kevin Bell

    First choice would be Dead Island GOTY and Saint’s Row the Third.
    Second choice would be DEFCON, Multiwinia, Darwinia and Uplink

  • Sergio

    I would love to get either the Dead Island and Saints Row The Third pack or the Risen 2 and Saints Row pack.

  • Sebastian the bastard

    Serious Sam 2

  • Drakengard Warrior

    I have to say, Saints Row ALL The Way!!

  • InchanTED365

    tiny grandmas? what is that? i kinda want serious sam random encounter tho or the second encounter hd thx

  • Display Name

    I already won Supermotherload on PS4 ty for that, so i won’t apply tyo this one but rather like to just say good luck to all the enterees and happy holidays thank you for supporting us gamers

  • Charlie Girl Gamer GG

    OMG I literally just want Retro City Rampage. PLEASE!!! No second choice cuz I really hope you pick me xoxo

  • Operati0nZubSer0


  • Hardy Hadyan Sultan

    Saints Row The Third w/DLC
    If I don’t get that i’d love this Metro 2033.
    Thanks 🙂

  • Gravensky

    I would like to have Teslagrad + the pack Risen 2, Sacred 2 Gold, Saints Row 2, Saints Row The Third. Thanks !

  • Garet

    Saints Row The Third
    Metro 2033

  • Andre

    Assult Android Cactus

  • Angel Armstead

    I would like to win Teslagrad.My second choice would be The Second Encounter.On Twitter I am armstead_angel.

  • Gotcha42

    Hey fan of your site.. good stuff. Want to win your mom… and the Risen 2 package wouldn’t be bad either LOL! Twitter @thegotcha

  • Albert124

    Since nobody sait it yet I’ll pick Serious Sam Double D 🙂 Looks like 2D Fun. Second choice is Saints Row.

  • Starkium

    Saints row the third

  • THANK YOU To everyone who entered. Entries are now closed and winners have been announced above. We will be doing another Giveaway NEW YEAR’S EVE. 🙂

    Apologies to those who didn’t get a game, but we have run out of codes (for now). Check back with us soon and have a great holiday!