New Kickstarter Started For Half-Life Live Action Film

The Freeman Chronicles

The guys behind The Freeman Chronicles, an upcoming live action mini series based on the Half-Life video games have started a second crowdfunding campaign. The project previously raised $22,265 on Indiegogo last year. This actually failed to meet their goal of $75,000 so the project went silent as they decided what to do next. After allowing fans to vote on their next move (make the series as just one episode or do another round of funding for additional episodes), the fans chose to try to get more funding and so last week a new Kickstarter page was created. The goal on Kickstarter is a much more modest $12,000 and at the time of this writing they have already raised $9,898 with 18 days left on the campaign.

Chariotdrive has teamed up with YouTube video creators Infectious Designer to make this series happen. Infectious Designer is perhaps best known for their Beyond Black Mesa and CONCRETE HUSTLE lightsaber duel videos which both have millions of views on YouTube. They also recently released a pretty cool Watch Dogs Fan Film.

What’s good about this project is that the first episode of the series, called Enter the Freeman, has already been released so rather than trying to explain some vague concept to you, you can simply see what you can expect from the rest of the series for yourself and then decide whether or not you want to back the project based on what you think. Enter the Freeman has been watched nearly a million times and has some pretty nice production value for having the low budget that it did (about $3,000). Click below to watch the first episode which is about nine minutes long, not including credits.


Think the guy playing Gordon Freeman is perfect for the role? Me too. Freeman is portrayed by actor Bernhard Forcher who recently appeared on an episode of Supernatural as Eckhart, the commander of the The Thule Society in “Everybody Hates Hitler.”

If they can make Enter the Freeman that cool on a budget of just $3,000, imagine how awesome future episodes will be if they can get enough funding. Director Ian James Duncan told me the script for the next episode is currently 13 pages long. “This time we have an audience from the start, so as much of the time as we can, we will share the production process,” Duncan said. “This means that fans can get as close to the production as possible.”

I think it’s safe to say that every Half-Life fan would love to see this series properly made. If you agree, considering throwing a few bucks their way. For more information or to donate: