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PSA: Respawn Entertainment Is Unwilling To Deny A Season Pass For Titanfall Will Exist

By Jon Ireson in DLC

Titanfall Season Pass - Xbox ONE - Windows PC - RealGamerNewz

**Update: Some publications are now suggesting that Respawn Entertainment views a Season Pass as “unlikely”, though no further official word has been announced just yet in addition to the original story below:

Some confusion was cleared up today as major video games news and reviews publication Gamespot noticed and reported on this tweet below from Respawn Entertainment (the developers of Titanfall) a couple of days ago:

However, Respawn Entertainment reacted to the article from Gamespot today by retracting the statement made by their social networking account. Here is their final statement on the matter as of today February 28, 2014:

Basically Titanfall won’t charge players for an Online Pass if they purchase a used disc version of the game on Xbox platforms. However, there is probably still going to be a stream of paid DLC content such as maps as well as a Season Pass to effectively pre-order a chunk (or all) of it at once. This is nothing new for the first person shooter genre, but with Titanfall being essentially labelled as a “multiplayer only” game despite claims of merging the co-op, single player narrative, and competitive experiences together some players are re-evaluating their purchase.

If the game debuts for the full $59.99 many players will expect at least some amount of free DLC to release before the stream of paid DLC begins. I believe this is something that EA Games and Respawn Entertainment probably realize by now since they are not offering a single player campaign. So far everybody at the RGN staff who has played the game with their own two hands (those who do and those who do not own Xbox machines) have found the experience very enjoyable.

This situation is another one of those, “fire the intern”  slip-ups where for all intensive purposes the public appearance is being given that whoever sent that original tweet Gamespot picked up was acting without the latest information available on the subject. One other issue with the PR campaign being run for Titanfall is also the fact that a PS4 version is already being talked about for the sequel of a game which hasn’t even come out yet. Regardless of how people feel about the game going multi-plat on consoles or not, this is not the time to talk about part two of a New IP that we haven’t even gotten to play the final build of yet. It seems based on the way that the Xbox deal was revealed for Titanfall that EA Games is forcing a lot of marketing and PR tactics on Respawn Entertainment right now – we hope this developer and publisher get a little more in sync with each other as the future of this franchise moves forward.

For more info / videos about Titanfall and our launch coverage March 11, 2014 – follow our dedicated Titanfall Section.

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