SuicideGirl Gamer of the Week: Cheri


Cheri seems like one of the more “normal” SuicideGirls names on the site. Is there any special meaning behind it?

Yes Chéri [SHER-EE] in French means “darling.” The characteristics of the name from what I’ve read are: mystical, wise, eccentric, intuitive, imaginative, philosophical, and solitary – which basically sums up my personality.

Your newest set on the site shows you holding a PlayStation 3 controller, when did you first start playing video games?

I got my first PlayStation (PS1) system like 13 years ago. I always liked gaming and the internet, and spent a lot of my time in the wintertime stuck indoors because I grew up in Alberta. Me and my sister used to have Dance Dance Revolution (aka DDR) battles on our PS2 and then there was Sing Star Karaoke. I used to play Mary Kate and Ashley Magical Mystery Mall back then too, haha. I play more games on the iPad these days when I have time.

What game were you actually playing in that set, anyway? Do you remember?

The set was shot in June 2012 at the photographer’s apartment (SGMillioux). That was her gaming system. I didn’t really understand the point of that game was. Haha I don’t even remember what it was. I was probably on that Cali ganga. I tried to figure out how to play for the first little bit then I said, “to hell with this lets just shoot a quick set before I head back to Canada cause YOLO, right?” and then she started snapping, it worked out nicely. Something like that.

What would you say areCheri Suicide some of your favorite all-time games?

Among my favorite games to play were Frogger, Tony Hawk, Driver, WWE wrestling, Age of Empires, Grand Theft Auto, and Sims 2.

As someone who is into skateboarding in real life, how realistic would you say the Tony Hawk games actually are?


Can you pull off any sweet skateboarding tricks?

Yeah some, but I’m no pro. It’s just a pastime. I’ve been skateboarding for about four years or so.

Any iPad games occupying your free time currently?

Vampires Live. Join my coven! @Cheri

What is one video game that you could whoop anybody in?

Probably Guitar Hero.

Guitar Hero eh? Do you have a favorite/best song?

“Barracuda” by Heart.

So how did you first get into modeling for SuicideGirls?

It was kind of random, late in 2010, I was eighteen. A friend referred me to the site so I checked it out and ended up buying a membership immediately. I was into doing photo shoots just for fun because I was into acting in high school. I applied and they said I looked perfect for their site. Shorty after I shot my first set titled “Longing” by Lavonne, a staff photographer from Calgary. It was a hit and then before I knew it I was on a plane to LA to shoot the Belle and Sebastian video for the Suicide Girl song with SG model Carrina by my side.

Every one of your sets has been named the “Set of the Day” at some point in time. What’s your secret to success?

There is no real secret; I just work hard to make these photo shoots happen. I go out of my way to show up. I just try to keep it real and natural and pose in comfortable settings. I like to put thought into the details so that each one of my pictures is tastefully taken and it captures how I’m feeling at the time. I guess I’m just lucky because everyone loves a tiny girl.

Which one of your sets do you think you had the most fun during shooting? Cheri 2

The video in LA was a blast filming. I got to spend time on Venice beach and saw sights I could have only dreamed of. It was the first time in my life I felt like, damn, dreams really can come true. I never looked back after that. I wanted to shoot as many sets as I could and try to make each one better than the last. Ever onward.

Tell me about your tattoos. You have a very interesting chest piece, is that a cat?

I get asked that an awful lot, hahaha. It’s a black lamb in between the rose and thorns. It’s about being the sensitive one in my family and represents sacrifice to me. My tattoos are all pretty personal, and everyone perceives them differently, but I put them there so I don’t forget the message behind the image.

You were in the SuicideGirls movie UK Holiday last year. What was it like living in a house with a bunch of other SuicideGirls for awhile? Did you ever prank each other during the stay?

It was really chill, everyone was just relaxing and having fun. It was humbling for me too, being around so many gorgeous women! I’ve never met another SG who wasn’t a rad chick. No pranks, just a whole lot of girl power. Haha.

Your site profile says you are also into movies. What is the most recent one you have watched?

‘The Great Gatsby’ and ’11th Hour’ with Leo DiCaprio, and ‘World War Z’ starring Brad Pitt.

Where can fans see more of you?



My personal blog:

Instagram/Twitter: @CheriSuicide

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