ControllerMAX (AKA CronusMax) Tech Review

Controller MAX

This device has the ability to make a game better without the need to wait for official patches to be approved. It also has the ability to make you better at a game. Putting aside for a minute the many detailed cross-platform features which this review will get into later, the CronusMAX (or ControllerMAX as it has been renamed to) is capable of adjusting, tweaking, and literally hacking the input your game console receives. This even works with next-generation game consoles like the Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox ONE. By purchasing this device and using the accompanying software, players become part of a community of users that develop and release miniature patches that go into the device as plug-ins and can be designed to improve the performance of controls for any particular game (for example fixing the dead-zones for Gears of War Judgement to a player’s liking). These plug-ins can then be adjusted or completely modified / re-written by the end-user as well. This opens the doors to a very much never-ending chain of possibilities.

Gtuner software mentions scripts and modding making it the world’s first ever rapid fire function accessory for next-gen controllers and including enhanced deadzone updates to existing library of games and much more drive by community or even self-programmed if you have the knowledge.

The prize feature of this device though is that it allow gamers to use virtually any existing fighting sticks, racing wheels, and other accessories across next-generation game consoles in addition to the opposite console families they were designed for. That is to say that gamers can actually use this device to control the PlayStation with Xbox accessories or the other way around. Also a huge benefit is the support for DualShock 4 functionality extended to many PC games which currently won’t work without scripting applications that are a bit unreliable to say the least. Using the Gtuner software that is free to access, the ControllerMAX device makes playing PC games with a DualShock 4 much more practical.

Cronus MAX Review - RealGamerNewz

The only negative feature about this device is that there is no beginner mode or ‘noob’-friendly way to set up the device. Users must get the software on their own and configure the device to the latest Firmware (a few times Windows automatic hardware recognition got in the way of this, causing some necessary trial and error to follow while doing first set-up procedure). Users must also do their own research to how the device works using the site’s manual or other community guidelines which are not always extremely easy to figure out. Once this is done, and a fairly technical person can do it quickly, then the device has an immense amount of potential uses that can be unlocked by the user with a little patience, finesse, and downloading. However, for a beginner / ‘noob’ user this is not a device you want to purchase without extensive research or having a tech-savvy friend around to set it up for you.

The device must be told which output format to give (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/PlayStation 4/etc.) and then the controllers/accessories that will be plugged into it must each be given a profile. Again, this isn’t exactly difficult once a tech-savvy person gets the process going properly, but newcomers to this niche of accessory devices will have a hard time – and some might not be able to successfully use this device at all. We hope that in the future ControllerMAX will have a more user-friendly version for beginners to use their software and hardware device.

Final Verdict:

This is hands down the most powerful accessory for input/output on the market and is very diverse with enough intuitive interface design to easily surpass the user experience of any software alone. The hardware aspect really does make a difference. RealGamerNewz highly recommends the ControllerMAX and rates it an overall score of 9 out of 10 making it an RGN Gold Accessory.

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Overall Score: 9 / 10

RGN Rating: Gold Accessory

Manufacturer: ControllerMAX

Review Copy Info: A review sample of this hardware was provided to RealGamerNewz by the manufacturer for the purpose of this review.

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    cronusMax team is a bunch of pirates if you buy there stuff your supporting pirates they arent the developers of gtuner and everything you see on cronusMax website they been copying almost every word by word from, lol you guys should just stop everyone can tell your copying from the site consoletuner, i really feel sorry for you guys, lol dont got the brains to write a paragraph about your own product,rofl for example cronusmax vs titan one lol you guys copied word by word and almost everything else ? why ?

  • nra_pussies

    Even better since they added PS4 SixAxis support – how funny that Titan couldn’t do that and tried to copy them and failed lol