[Update] New Screenshot for The Division asks ‘what would you do?’


Update: A new screenshot was recently uploaded today with #CommunityLove.


Man this game looks amazing.

Original Story below:

A new screenshot for Ubisoft’s The Division was released asking one simple yet very important question. “What would you do?”

The game’s official twitter page recently posted the screenshot along with the message: “Looks like this agent is in a tight spot… what would you do in a situation like this?”


Personally I would summon an immense fire-breathing dragon and command it to rai…wait, there are no dragons i this? Oh, well I would probably just shoot an RPG in their faces and walk away like a bada** while enjoying the gorgeous explosion in the background. Yeah, just like that, but enough about me…what would you do?

The Division is set to release sometime this year for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.