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Live Podcast: PlayStation 4 Details Released by Sony

By Jon Ireson in NEX GEN

PlayStation 4 will contain built-in Remote Play functionality for the PlayStation Vita, 8gigabytes of Ram and a x86 architecture. There will be built-in functionality for the social media world like UStream, Facebook, and more. You will be able to instantly share gameplay screenshots and video while chatting and playing games. You will be able to instantly shut off or “suspend” your PlayStation 4 and resume right where you were playing when you turn it back on. All of this from one button on the DualShock 4 controller which will have nearly zero latency and features a “Share” button and touch bar. Knack, iNfamous: Second Son and Killzone: Nightfall are among the exclusive lineup titles shown thus far. Sony’s conference is still underway. RealGamerNewz will keep you updated as it goes on.

Check out the first episode of our Podcast coverage here:

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