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Tristans Twisted World: Fans vs the Devs who has the final say?

By Tristan Werbe in Industry Talk

As from what we have seen the past few months fans have had a bit of an uprising against the Devs and publishers especially biowares fans. Nearly a year after Mass Effect 3′s release a large amount of fans still demand a new ending.

Bioware is standing by their ending or so they say as they use words like “artistic integrity”. Other examples are how fans think there they are in demand but here’s the question are they? The customer’s always right has been proven to be true.

So if you don’t to do anything about it they don’t care but the publishers and developers are providing for people to buy and if they don’t like it either do better next time or fix it now. They only reason you exist is because of the fans.

This my opinion though, I would like to hear your’s.

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