EA Pops Mass Effect 3’s Bad Ending Cherry & How To Fix It

The RGN Team gets together led by Tristan’s Twisted World as we discuss EA Popping Mass Effect 3’s Bad Ending Cherry, and more. Other topics discussed include:

– Indoctrination Theory, Synthesis/Destroy/Control Explained

– The Catalyst, Final Mission To Beam Run To Harbinger

– The Future of BioWare

– EA Rushed Mass Effect 3 Causing Botched Ending

– Microsoft’s Fault For Pressuring EA?

– BioWare’s Inconsistent Statements To Fans

– Quests That Didn’t Work, Fans Felt Like Beta Testers

– Is EA The Devil? (To BioWare’s Development Conditions)

– The Publisher to Developer Relationship

UPDATE – Part 2 of the EA Pops Mass Effect 3’s Bad Ending Cherry Out Now!!! To be directed to it simply click here!

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  • mark

    We need new ending

    • Mark the Ark

      No s*** Sherlock

  • Jeffery

    You guys hit the damn marker screw EA and bioware

  • mark

    Ending is god awful your the only humans that understand that

  • David

    You are right citadel better change

  • Issac

    Xbox>EA lol but srlsy Bioware can suck my balls

  • Matthew

    Shepard deserved justice

  • Kelly

    I miss Garrus

  • The Illusive Man

    No im in CONTROL!!! best line lol but so far you guys reading my mind

    • Admiral Anderson

      We Destroy them or they Destroy us

  • Connor

    Shepards alive on earth!!!!

  • John

    Serve us is what he says yes your right IT confrimed

  • ShadowStrikerN7

    IT is real trust me

  • kakaka

    Dude the ending blows such monkey nuts

  • Anders

    Dragon Age 3? gonna suck

  • Shawna

    I just want kids with traynor yes im a lez….

  • Luca

    Ending makes me want to cut my “D” off

  • Ashely

    man i just hope the ending changes so i can be with kaidan in the sunset 🙂

  • BadGurl ;)

    The ending would be better if it was mass effect 2

  • Boss

    Its totaly IT even if they dont put it out i just want Liara and blue babys

  • Miri

    IT all the way and romance with Samantha traynor 😉

  • Jackson

    All I want is some Liara 🙂 and new ending

  • Commander Shepard

    Liara <3

  • MODZ

    Dude Miranda is damn hot

  • Chris


  • Hawke

    Massive fail erect 3 hahahahaha ending is trash

  • Asskicker

    I just want the IT to be true its so real ahh

  • Liz

    I just me some Garrus….

  • Mass Effect 3 is to gamers as what George W. Bush was to America. An utter disappointment and a true waste of time.

    • NObama

      Not as bad as Barack is today but yes I agree

  • Catwoman

    kitty go purr for some Liara blue

  • Abbie

    I miss Kaidan I want some more closure

  • Jessica

    IT i hope its true i thank you guys for making this maybe bioware will listen if not at least i get last chance with liara

  • Samantha

    Hey are you any of you single? just asking but the whole ending thing i agree its kinda jacked up even with EC

    • Megan

      do you like girls? and Mass effect 3 ending sucks

      • Samantha

        i go both ways but i was meaning the site guys but maybe if you give me your email….;)

        • Megan

          me********tmail.com ill give my skype as well where do you live? i live in ******

          • Samantha

            **** so maybe we can meet up soon but lets talk on skype not here

          • Jack Harper

            maybe I can join? 😉

  • John

    I want some more Cortez

  • Ti Qu

    sorry for bad english but the 96 percent want bad ending is more like 98 percent i thinks

  • Frank

    Ending sucks balls

  • Black Man 2.4

    Jacobs a bro yo anyone dissing him shutup

  • Satan

    Your soul will be mine!!!
    words of EA

  • Nam

    99.2 percent dead? sounds like me when my moms yelling at me to get a job

  • Larry

    Ending sucks EAs Chod

  • Attack me

    Liara and me together getting dirty

  • Come at me bro

    Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer is what makes ending suck worse

  • Damion

    Why all the ending hate its like really really good man come on

  • Mr Mars


  • Joker

    Question to one of the site workers,writers,guest do you honestly think Biowares gonna change ending even though you said its a small chance but i want to know

  • Sammy

    I just want to be happy mass effect was the only thing going for me but now….:( i need a hug….

  • Ending is Awesome

    The ending is one of the greatest ever made nuff said

  • lordzeus69

    I thought mass effect 3 was bad as a whole

  • rita

    EA is the best pubisher around idiots

  • Troll

    ending sucks

  • Aria

    as long as citadel is better than omega im good

  • William J. Ferrel

    if i saw EA id be like thats funny i remember when i drank my first beer

  • Darth Vader

    The dark side of the force is strong with EA so join us and we can rule the gaming world

  • Jacob

    I just want to be with Tali on Rannoch

  • Stu

    IT is real

  • Kevin

    Clevernoobs video tells how many people are happy

  • Nat

    Screw the casino…

  • Jayde

    bioware should listen to there fans more…..

  • Chris

    Bioware is smart your all idiots

    • Coming from the person who doesn’t know the difference between your and you’re. 😉

  • Maggie

    They won’t change nothing to much to admit they failed there fanbase

  • Kobe

    Yo man I hope ending get changed cause we got some BS!

  • Mac

    The ending is artistic writing so why all the hate?

    • Kirk

      Cause it sucks such giant monkey balls

    • Wuz

      What is wrong with you do you work for Bioware?

    • Gaylord Focker

      This is so a Bioware worker well fuck you Casey Hudson

  • jman536

    4 GB? damn thats huge what are they making…

  • mah

    Love you guys listen every week

  • Steve

    I just want a new ending so I can hold Cortez close

  • Banes

    IT confirmed

  • Austin

    IT is best theory

  • Hannah Stee

    I love mass effect but screw EA

  • Joe


  • Kat

    Ending is awfull my gawd

  • Micah

    Please Bioware heed our call for justice of a new ending

  • Garrus LOVER

    EA is worst company in America ever in history

    • Josh

      I don’t know if I would say that they are really good

  • Sideras

    EA needs to take a sh**load of pages out of CDPR’s book. Stop f**king treating us like f**king cattle and start treating us like customers.
    Make good games and your games will sell themselves.
    How f**king hard can it be, have some balls.

    • James

      Hell yeah lets kick them in the balls for once

  • Hazzygirl

    All I want to this why does shepard wake up back on Earth? WTF!!!! Bioware!!!!

  • Poopstain

    This ending is now POOPSTAINED!!!

  • Spartan Sierra 117 The Master Chief

    Halo 4 has a way better ending and Master Chief survived a nuke…..YEAHHHHHHH

  • Shepard

    Im Commander Shepard and this is my favorite post on the internet

  • Taylor

    I want to be with Kaidan…forever

  • Jeff

    I want new ending

  • Mark

    This EC ending sucks “D”!!!

  • Sama

    I cryd when IT wasn’t real..

  • Shila

    If only I could have Liara in my arms

  • Sat

    Mass Effect 3 best game ever but worst ending ever bioware f***ng change it

  • beocthy

    Liara is hot I want her

  • Jane

    I love a video game character called Liara….

  • Lara

    IT should be real cause it makes sense BLUE,GREEN,and RED SUCK!!!

  • Santa Claus


  • Casey

    Dark Energy FTW

  • Hudson

    I love BIOWARE but HATE ending

  • Jeke

    I want to have kids with Jack

  • Wrex is Cool

    Wrex will be my bro again

  • Lady

    I love me some Garrus 😉

  • Hal

    Why cant I tell the catalyst I SAVED THE GETH AND QUARIANS!!!!

  • Hellboy

    Im sending the reapers to there graves

  • We are Legion

    AS long as the Geth come back

  • Level my ass up

    Dead SPace 3> Mass Effect 3

    • Kevin Baker

      Mass Effect 3>Dead Space 3
      Ending <Ending
      True story bro

  • Sam

    Bioware should listen to this

  • Regan

    I hope they change the ending cause it sucks

  • Cheslia

    Oh please let it be true…..

  • Tristen

    Mass Effect is dead to me just waiting fo Dragon Age 3

  • Im from Harlem

    As long as I got Miranda back who cares I like hot girls

  • Sat

    Part 2 now I see since I keep coming back to this lol when is that coming out exactly?

    • Well theres accutaly a 1.5 out which covers the Citadel DLC more in depth for rumors and such but probably a thursday or friday next week soonest it could be recorded weds though

  • Harbinger


  • Jacob

    Just wanted to say that bioware has been hinting at IT they screw me over again they lose a customer

  • Pure Blood

    Ending turned me ***….almost

  • Hannah Stee

    Citadel will suck

  • Mikey

    I hope bioware gets fired

  • Kattie

    I love kaidan

  • Sarah

    IT is real no doubt bout it

  • Conway

    If bioware thinks they can get away with this shit oh boy they got another thing coming We will HOLD THE LINE retake MASS EFFECT 3!

  • Hanar

    You guys are dumbass conspiracy theorist no Illuminati or anything like that is in it god!!!!!

    • Why do you say that do you not have an open mind or not hate I respect all comments but insulting all of us for an idea to why the ending didn’t impress the fans is not helping you.

      • Hanar

        There is no conspiracy in video games wow you and your friends co workers whatever are just crazy a**holes you try to mess with peoples head!!!

        • Tell that to Bioware using odd ideas and flawed plot holes in there ending to mess with peoples heads and somehow they pull the IT out of all that I am a fan of Mass Effect but did not know there was that much lore and stuff into it.

  • Booming headshot

    I’m sending EA a letter after listening to this thanks for telling me the truth

  • Ron

    EA can go to hell

  • Marcy

    I hate mass effect anyway it ripped of gears

  • Lil Future

    Yo message to bioware….f*** yo self’s!!!

  • Max

    Retake mass effect 3 guys!

  • Julie

    New ending please

  • Saren Blake

    I wish we could new ending…and yes my name really is Saren

    • Biotic God

      Lies!!! All lies!!! Oh and Mass Effect 3 equals Ryan Leaf look him up if you don’t know

  • Miss Hazzy

    All I play is bioware games but that might change after hearing this I didn’t know it was that bad…thanks realgamernewz! 🙂

  • Sammy

    I hope that Bioware has heard this maybe they will listen to you

    • Jack Green

      They have to have or at least EA they look this sh** up plus this podcast is popular on forums I have seen people talking bout it that’s why I looked it up

  • Capper

    F*** EA greedy as***les there going to hell!!!

  • Naval officer

    EA is the devil

  • Your Mother

    I think Bioware said Casey Hudson was god but I say f*** that

  • Drake

    Bioware has heard this I bet

  • Brittney

    Give me some more Garrus

  • Halley

    I hate EA all I wanted was to be with Kaidan but nooooo!!!!

  • BatMan

    Batman and Robin had a better ending and that movie sucked

  • Dupree

    F*** EA they deserve to die as a company

  • Dree

    Yo man f*** EA little small d***ed asses

  • Johny

    Conspiracy theorist a**holes f*** you

    • Luke

      There a lot smarter than you

      • Jeff

        I want to know if EA is in my mind?

        • We got another podcast coming out that will actually help with that question

  • Larka

    What if Bioware indoctrated there fanbase?

    • There will be more articles and podcast coming that will explain things like this 🙂 stay tuned

  • Adolf

    So bioware was rushed?

  • Ducky

    F*** EA

  • Kasumi

    I hope Bioware hears this those evil assholes should be fired

  • BlackJack 21

    Citadel sounds like shit

  • Wiky

    Didn’t bioware creators quit?

  • Ill

    we are watching you

    • Morgan

      That’s kinda weird….unless your EA! Or a troll…

  • black

    Oh, they might still be EA’s whore. But ME3’s “failure”, in particular, was by no means EA’s fault. Bioware is an honest company, if nothing else. While they are published by EA and co-funded, they’d still find ways to subtly tell the fans what went down. It showed some integrity on their end that they wouldn’t change the ending. I can respect that. Their writers made it, it’s still their baby.
    But, again, EA doesn’t have the political swing needed to wipe people out of the industry.

  • Hannah

    EA are assholes, but they aren’t stupid. If they asked for money with Multiplayer and the EC, they would have made the biggest mistake in their history. They made it free to make us shut up. And it worked with some of people, but it didn’t change the fact that EA ruined Bioware’s work.

  • Demondragon 8

    Shepard’s story is over but the world of mass effect will still go on according to Bioware.

  • Jeff

    Oh, I’m very familiar with the indoctrination theory. I originally liked it quite a bit. Unless you’re implying that I’m indoctrinated or something 🙂

  • DickBox 720

    You know there’s only 1 ending, right? Just different colors.

  • EA rules

    Im pretty shure EA knows what there doing idiots conspiracy a****s

    • How do we not know what we are doing?

      • Jeff

        Shutup you b*** f*** you and your little f*** friends

  • Love me

    Have you seen Citadel it looks retarded as f***

  • Garrus

    Now EA made a shit ending that’s like 3 colors but 1 flavor of zebra shit and don’t ask me how I know that….not proud of it

  • Harbinger

    F*** CITADEL BULL***

  • Nassana

    Citadel looks good but they said weird things about ending changing we can only hope

  • Lyle

    Ending sucks demand new one

  • Drake

    MW3 has a better ending than this….

  • Jack

    Ending was great you guys are pieces of s***

  • Mark

    Well in Citadel shepard was cloned….

  • Britt

    Played Citadel today and it had no closure one bit fuck them assholes it was good but left us wanting more than less god damnit

  • Nick Roll

    Citadel was awesome best DLC but we still want a new ending we are waiting

  • Blacktor




  • Kevin

    Yeah ending sucks but Citadel made up for it

  • Brofist

    Bioware was supposed to be the fans sword not a dagger in our back!

  • Griesyburger

    EA truly is the worst company in ‘merica

  • Karly

    F*** EA greedy bas****

  • Halle Berry

    Hope Mass Effect 4 does not suck

  • Max Dillow

    I used to work at a company EA owned trust me they are the devil…

    • Which company?

      • Max Dillow

        PopCap but now I have a better job than being EAs b***

  • James R

    I really do not mind the ending. I don’t understand what the rage is about. If a movie doesn’t have a good ending, discuss it and MOVE ON. Don’t ask a creator to change it, that is THEIR idea, not ours. I like the ending because as frequently stated in the series there is no hope of winning the Reaper War conventionally. OH BUT because of one commander these “machine-devils” that had been through thousands and thousands of cycles (believed to be around for a few hundred million years) and had seen all the same shit before would be defeated in battle? HELL NO. Battling the Reapers at the Crucible would be EXACTLY what the Reapers would want, it saves them the trouble of finding them. One of my friends believes that the last battle was just one aspect of the Reapers’ Indoctrination process of Shep. I believe in the IT, and after choosing Destroy Shepard may wake up and actually USE the Crucible (not that we will ever know). If we just go off what is shown to us then still we can save the galaxy and end the Reapers. If the Crucible was out of the picture or didn’t work, everyone would die as they always have. And what player would willingly agree to seeing their galaxy and efforts destroyed in a cutscene? What, were they going to say suddenly all other beings from other galaxies arrive and help defeat the Reapers?? Are there trillions of Rachni who escaped the Singing Planet’s destruction? Is there a trillion Protheans sleeping in caskets? What can defeat machines effectively? Bullets? That would take a lot of bullets and technology organic hands could simply not do WITHOUT the use of more machines. What stops machines is DISABLING THEM and/or OVERRIDING THEIR HARDWARE. No, this is the only reasonable option Bioware had left and I think they finished the series perfectly.

    • Some people just hated the lacked of true unscripted choices as for me I play to many games to get into just one but we had to get this one out but thanks for checking out the site James!!! Hope you come back

  • James R

    I love this sites blogs by the way 🙂

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  • Garrus

    if we could only have one more journey….or Garrus spinoff