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Exclusive Halo: Master Chief Collection XBOX ONE Bundle Revealed at Brasil Games Show 2014

By Mitch Walters in Articles

Halo Master Chief Collection Xbox ONE

Microsoft has released the following Exclusive Halo: Master Chief Collection XBOX ONE Console bundle for the South America region of the gamer world according to reports coming out of the Brasil Games Show 2014 complete with images and all. Rather than Sunset Overdrive, Halo: Master Chief Collection will be paired with a white Xbox ONE console for those in Brazil who “jump in” to the next-generation of Xbox gaming. There is no custom art on the console from what we can tell so far, but people will still be upset about not having this option over here in the United States I’m sure.

Take a look below for yourself:

Halo Xbox ONE Brazil Bundle

Halo: Master Chief Collection Videos Playlist:

Genre(s): FPS

Platform(s): Xbox ONE

Publisher(s): Microsoft Game Studios

Developer(s): 343 Industries

Release Date (NA): November 11th, 2014

Halo Master Chief Collection Xbox ONE 343 RealGamerNewz

[Some Info Sourced: GCO via VG247

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    Don’t even say how much it cost? Wtf? Bad journalist

    • The price has not been finalized at this time, please check back another time. This is for Brazil residents only at this time.