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Hatred Devs Release New Statement, Censorship Will Not Win This Battle

By Jon Ireson in AO Section

Hatred Destructive Creations Dev

The team behind recently revealed Hatred video game coming out next year for computer has released a new statement in response to an outburst of press that has come forth (mainly criticizing the game and using it as a talking point in cultural debate against free speech in video games media). In the statement they begin by letting the world know they will not succumb to threats and allegations of those who would have this game wiped from existence. Production will continue. They also thank the haters of Hatred who have made the game a cultural phenomenon, at least for the time being and to the fans who have appeared to experience this game.

Here is their word to the press and gamers:

“Those were a long, long few days since our trailer relase. We feel obligued to write down this post to report how things are going and to set some light on a few things. First of all we have to quote: “well, that escalated quickly!”. We knew that our reveal will cause some shitstorm, but never expected it to be so huge. We wish to thank all of our haters and all upset press for a great marketing campaign they’ve done for us. A week ago, we were a little company from the middle of nowhere, just some guys making some game.

Today everyone heard about “Hatred” and us. All thanks goes to those who were trying to harm us (with no desired effect, what a pity). On the other hand – we didn’t expect that much of support and we weren’t aware of how many people are out there, who think like us and who will entitle themselves as our dedicated fans. We want all of them to know: we won’t stop, we won’t change what this game is going to be and we’ll deliver the b est game we can to all of you!”

Editor’s Note: The Press Release from Destructive Creations continues. At the end of the release there are statements from individual members of the game’s development team responding to allegations that they harbor actual hate for any one particular group of people (in real life). Their responses shed light on the fact that Destructive Creations is a Polish team whose members are families that have lost their loved ones to brutal death camps and genocide. The developers DO NOT support this type of behavior in real life and simply understand that this is a video game in which targets flee and players attempt to clear all targets on the board before the time runs out in the coolest way possible. This game in no way encourages or supports real world violence!

Hatred is just a video game after all.

[Some Info Sourced: Official Press Release by Destructive Creations]

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  • Dirk

    I have never once thought the developers of this game had hatred for any group or were trying to promote hatred in real life. I am always cognizant that this IS A VIDEO GAME. However, the problem stems from the fact that HATE in just about every culture on Earth hate doesn’t promote ANY qualities that keep those cultures stable and moving forward. So a game where someone hates for no other reason other than hate what is the point? Even as insane as they were and are the Islamic State and the Nazis had reasons for their hate even if it doesn’t make sense to every one else. So again, what is the point? If the game has one I don’t see it or reason to buy it.

  • Sanity

    You know, this trailer got me thinking, it highlights perfectly why gun control doesn’t work.
    If just a handful of those disarmed ‘victims’ were carrying a gun that Emo Kids insane rampage would end pretty damn quickly.
    Good people with guns, that’s all it takes to stop a nutter like this.

  • Insane

    That’s why all the mass shooting occur where there are the fewest guns per person…… oh wait…

  • it looks okay but even though its a game its still over the edge. but the game play looks awesome, if only you weren’t killing random people for no reason. this could have been a great zombie shoot em up like Hunter for the Gcube. have different classes and shit, that would have been cool