Sony Risking a Bad PS4 Launch With Unpopular IPs [RGN Lost Episodes]

What’s up everybody, hopefully your Monday wasn’t too horrible and your Tuesday has taught you that working that extra few microseconds at work is not worth it. Go ahead and look at the gaming websites, we won’t tell your boss. Digging through our records RealGamerNewz has located one of our RGN Lost Episodes for you guys this morning while waiting for our latest podcast to release tonight.

While recording podcasts for our listeners almost daily covering everything from Mass Effect 3’s Ending Conspiracy (which got an overwhelming response and will receive a sequel very soon), to the PlayStation 4 Full Announcement, Assassin’s Creed IV, and more we have been hard at work for you all so please forgive us for letting this show slip through the cracks.

Some of the many topics covered in this episode include:

  • Impact of Sony Releasing PS4 Before Xbox 720
  • PS3 / 360 Price Drops Effecting PS4 / 720 Sales
  • Can Sony Reclaim Their Throne With PS4?
  • Xbox 720’s Potential Uphill Battle Next Generation
  • Nintendo’s Place Next Generation
  • Why Wii U is Having Trouble Selling Still

You can give it a listen below:

  • frylock

    how is the xbox losing exclusives going to hurt the PS4? like the statement in itself is f***ng retarded.

  • Ronnie

    PlayStation is going to fail and then Sony will be history. The entire company is going down the drain faster than a sinking ship in a Maelstrom.
    The PS4 announcement was one of the most failed and underwhelming press conferences in history.

    • John

      Wow, I think you’re actually retarded. And not even sure if you can read, but here goes anyways. First off it was a PC, it was a presentation you f*** moron! Sony just did that as an announcement, not a ‘show off’ you f*** moron! What you gonna say in 8 years when they make a PS5? I’ll bet you were spewing the same s*** when they made the PS3. Tell me something, how exactly are they going down when they have more gaming studios than anyone else in the industry ay? U f*** retard!

    • Massacred

      This is one of the most illogical and baseless-in-reality comments I have ever read. 1. How do you know this and why do you think this? 2. By every conceivable measure, this conference was a success. I believe the final numbers just watched on U-Stream were around 8 million. Sony masterfully balanced catering towards the hardcore and changing up the system and controller enough so that most people were satisfied. They had a huge list of both first party and third party games and developers supporting the system. I literally cannot even comprehend how this is the conclusion you came to.

  • Sony in trouble

    Sony seems to be rushing their next console. Their exclusives are not attractive at all, at least the ones they showed off.

    Sony will be history if they release their console above 399.99. That’s the breaking point.

    • John

      Dude, you don’t even know what the exclusives will be! Even if what they showed is all they are gonna launch with, its still better than what they did when the PS3 came out, and still better than what the xbox did as well! So I really don’t know what the hell you’re on about. And, they’re not rushing it, its been in dev since 2008 you silly boy! And it will impact them if its above £399.99 but the PS3 was above that and they’ve sold more than the xbox, so not a bad piece of business is it? I seriously hope it won’t be above that price, but they won’t be history if it is above you fool. You don’t know s*** about gaming or consoles! All that matters is, who has the best games, and as Sony has shown since the PS1 they are still Kings when it comes to games. I will be buying a PS4 on launch, regardless of the price, but I’ll bet my house it will be £400 or less.

    • Massacred

      Once again,

      Sir, this statement has little to no basis in reality. First as one out of three next generation consoles and not to mention the last time a home console was announced was 2006 (7 years ago) it seems to be hard to call this “rushed.” Obviously saying “the exclusives are not attractive at all” is subjective but as both a gamer and businessman I can tell you I think the games look great and they have their bases perfectly covered. You want a shooter? We have Killzome. You want an action game? Infamous is right here? Racing? DriveClub. Puzzle? The Witness. Something for everyone? Knack does great. On top of that there was simply a ludicrous number of other games and studios that pledged support, therefore I am going to disregard that argument as invalid. The launch price seems to be a more valid argument, but I could see Sony going for two different SKUs 429 and 529 and think they would probably still sell consoles at that price. I see this launch as being far more successful than the PS3 but I think Durango will have success too. Most likely Sony will sweep up hardcore gamers and Microsoft will become a family friendly media center with Kinect and causal gaming integration. Neither is bad, just different.

  • tommy

    ps4 day!! Why not go after your fanbase first??

    • Massacred

      Astoundingly uninformed argument. Evidence? Look at the Next Generation Poll on this website.

  • Brian

    Only haters say that kind of crap. We don’t even know the full lineup of release games yet. I don’t see bad games on the list so far though.

  • Dan

    Sony has sold a little bit more units then Xbox and now can be sold in china (which no game system is allowed) but yet they’re going down the drain? I’m excited for both Xbox and PS new systems but lets be real….every system sucks at launch. This is the best line up I’ve seen yet

  • Hasselhoof


    You are a moron bro.

    The playstation conference broke multiple records for online event streaming.

    Not to mention, Sony is turning profit this year, and several departments are making money again. You missed your train by a couple months Ronnie.
    Not to mention most players and analysts recognize that Sony stole a nice chunck of Microsofts thunder by announcing first. But saving plenty of launch exclusives and the console itself for right after microsoft announces.
    Lastly, despite being on the market for a year less than the xbox 360, the PS3 has now sold more consoles. A year less on the market and more sales. Plus they just got cleared in november to start selling consoles in China. You know who didn’t get that same OK… Microsoft. Ouch that stings a little.

  • Canfored

    Listen: relax, I am just as excited for the PS4 as any hardcore gamer, but there is not need to lambast this site for their opinion.