Test Your Sex Knowledge in New Taboo Trivia Game & Win $200

Taboo Trivia - Sex Knowledge Video Game - RealGamerNewz

Think you know sex? Prove it. A new online trivia game from adult products website Adam & Eve (18+ Only) has been launched in which all of the delicious intricacies of sex are put up for gamers to discuss, debate over, and ultimately rise to be victorious as the winner of 1 out of 10 $200 shopping sprees on the site which offers sex toys for couples, individuals, lingerie, bondage devices for kinky fun, adult DVDs, and much more. There’s currently a Spring Clearance Sale going on as well in which items starting at $9.99 can enhance and improve your relationship’s funnest moments. My wife and I have used this website before, and they are a major brand which can be trusted to ship discretely and on time with partnerships in some of the highest quality products available throughout the adult industry.

Play Taboo Trivia Now

Taboo Trivia’s sweepstakes to win money at the store will go on until the middle of next month, May 11, 2015 to be exact and you can start playing today for free. The more times you play the game the better your chance to win will be, and the better you’ll be at the game so the better you’ll do, and hopefully the better at sex knowledge you will become.