iRGN #11: Repeats & Remakes – When Should Devs Just Leave A Franchise Alone?

iRGN Podcast

On the iRGN Podcast #11 we are joined by our buddies at and the topics include a Paid Mods Round Table Discussion about them being put on and then pulled off Steam, Konami’s Trouble and what it could mean long-term, as well as the culture of repeat franchises putting out the same stuff over and over again or remake franchises and when to leave it alone? When is enough, enough?

  • Sos Oaspm

    This was a really cool podcast that I thoroughly enjoyed listening to. 10/10

    • Jon Ireson

      Thanks man I’m glad you liked it!

  • Bit-Journal

    Remakes and Remasters are overdone these days. They should not make a remake of a game that was on the previous console only like 5 years ago or less. Sure, they make money off of them but they have beat this dead horse to a pulp. I understand remaking a game that hasn’t been in the public eye for a good 10 or 20 years because it would bring it attention and perhaps new life to a franchise that may not have gotten much fanfare back in the day. However, personally, I get tired of remasters that really do nothing but give the game slightly better textures and a faster framerate. At the end of the day, remakes are cool for something we have not seen in a while. However, for things we played last year, there is no need to own a second third or tenth version of the game all for the sake of graphics.