ReconInForce Out Now on the iOS App Store


RiemenRade Studios’s first video game, ReconInForce is now available to download from the iOS App. A turn -based strategy game, RIF tasks its players with destroying their opponents’ base through the use of ambush, deception, and tactics.

The game features “hardcore real-time strategy elements” such as fog of war, line of sight, and field control, a rare experience in iOS titles. Players are encouraged to use terrain for cover and concealment, and actually rewarded for playing dirty.

ReconInForce features:

  • ReconInForce offers eight commanders, each with a distict personality and array of units. The commanders are inspired by the specific gameplay styles of testers and friends of the developer
  • Not a freemium or a pay to win game. Players pay once to unlock additional commanders forever. The free-to-play commander is flexible and able to adapt to any strategy. Even the smart AI will often select the free-to-play commander as the best army to dominate the field.
  • Play in single player mode against the thoughtfully-crafted AI on three difficulty levels to hone your tactics
  • Two multiplayer options: test your skills against your friends online or face to face while sharing one device.
  • Deploy over 30 unique units, each with specific roles and special abilities that add depth to gameplay.
    Conquer more than 20 battlefields that offer a variety of strategic options for defeating your opponent.


RiemenRade Studios is a one-man independent game development company founded by Garren Riemenschneider in St. Paul, MN, USA. Stricken. You can learn more at