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New Mega Ran + K Murdock – Kingdom Hearts Hip Hop / Nerdcore And New Tours

By Jon Ireson in Music

Mega Ran K Murdock - Kingdom Hearts - Hip Hop - Nerdcore

Over 100 backers have subscribed to the Bits and Rhymes Club which has benefits including exclusive tracks, album access, CD’s, shout-outs, and even influencing or co-hosting The Manual Hip Hop & Gaming Podcast which Mega Ran and K-Murdock put together each Thursday. To celebrate, a new video is coming to backers letting them in on some early information about Mega Ran’s upcoming 2015 album as well as early sneak peak listens.

Here’s a snippet of the latest track released only for subscribers to the Bits and Rhymes:

New Kingdom Hearts Nerdcore:

If you missed it, don’t forget to check out Mega Ran Documentary’s latest trailer debuted exclusively by RealGamerNewZ.Com in association with the nerdcore artist himself. In it, the Mega-Lo-Mania Director’s Cut gets a release window and a bunch of content updates that went into the full-length director’s cut of the film are available to be seen as well. Be sure to check it out if you’d like to hear more about the story behind the artist. There’s also the 5th Anniversary of Forever Famicom happening, which we will go into further detail about the celebration of that soon. For now check out the tour information below for that and a United Kingdom run which will be going on this Summer 2015.

For the Full Version of this Song, Subscribe HERE.

Mega Ran

Limited Edition Mega Ran Emerald Knights Tour

Mega Ran’s UK Tour Dates:

10 June @ Surya, London
11 June @ Club PST, Birmingham
12 June @ YouBloom Festival, Dublin, Ireland
13 June @ Centre for Computing History, Cambridge

*Order Signed Poster Here (While Supplies Last)

Limited Edition Mega Ran Emerald Knights Tour Poster

Forever Famicom 5th Anniversary Tour

Mega Ran Forever Famicom 5th Anniversary Tour

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