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Mass Effect 3 and the “illuminati” Symbol: Coincidence or Not?

By Tristan Werbe in Tristans Twisted World

On the tail end of our recent Podcast (Part 1 | Part 2) concerning Mass Effect 3′s ending and its Citadel DLC, both of which we enjoyed playing thoroughly, we bring you detailed analysis of the Synthesis Ending and now the other potential Dark Energy Ending which was scrapped and what extra, hidden meanings may have been implied in them. Apparently, we aren’t the only ones noticing interesting plot twists, symbolism, and suggestive dialogue in the trilogy series’ fascinating script of mankind during the intergalactic species period of our existence (presumably the future).

Mass Effect 3 Illuminati Symbolism

Illuminati symbol in Mass Effect 3

Illuminati subliminal messages in mass effect 3

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  • Holy s***.

  • so if you see an eye or a triangle with circle inside means it’s an illuinati symbol?

    these evidence are not justified enough but I would say the enemy are including all evil, messages and blasphemies in games. You can easily tell especially with God of War series.

    front box art of Kratos replicates Jesus being hung on the cross.

  • EVIL!!!

  • Illuminati is fake

  • The most ridiculous thing is that people thinks the Illuminati are a sequel of some weird words, and a funny phrase always come to be build. “Evil demon satanic worship Illuminati ufo” The name “Mass Effect” is already a insidious insinuation of what a good propaganda can do. This isn’t about Jesus, Satan or whatever deity you’re thinking, none other than Fortune maybe, this is about making money. The people behind the banks and its financial moves for some reason, loves to leave their mark on the stuff they’re creating. The exactly reason can be for fun, like a pathetic bully over the Mass(es) so they can pop some Effect out of it. Or this can be a serious threath like, ”See what we can do? We can infiltrate our crap inside everything to show you that we got it all.” Or maybe that whole thing is just a developer joke to make themselves laughing for some time.

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