Microsoft Implements Xbox ONE Digital Game Refunds


If players are unsatisfied with a purchase on the Xbox Games Store for Xbox ONE they may soon be able to claim a refund for it. The system for Xbox ONE Digital Game Refunds as revealed by Microsoft looks to mirror a similar service PC Gaming experiences through Steam Refunds introduced in recent years by Valve. Xbox ONE gamers will be able to request the refund of a digital games purchase, if it was purchased within the past 14 days and has been played for less than 2 hours.

Windows 10 Game Purchases on the Microsoft Store will also be given the ability for users to request a “self-service refund” if the title has not been extensively played. This will be a key victory for users wishing to test if their Gaming PC will run a Microsoft Store exclusive game well enough for them to justify owning it, otherwise they can request a refund and delete it if their rig fails to run the game at an acceptable level of performance.