“UPDATED” Rumor: Grand Theft Auto V is the next game to receive “Creation Club” style paid mods

Grand Theft Auto V DLC - Paid Mods - Creation Club - OPENIV 2017

UPDATE: Take-Two brings back Mods for GTA V: http://realgamernewz.com/52278/modding-returns-to-grand-theft-auto-v

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Take-Two Interactive recently made waves in the video games industry by creating a cease-and-desist order which resulted in the removal and banning of OpenIV, a tool used for years by video game modders who sought to improve the experience of GTA IV and GTA V on the PC Gaming platform through after-market special graphics textures and effects, new game modes, extra characters, missions, and beyond.

Rockstar Games was quick to note that Take-Two Interactive acted without their instruction in issuing the cease-and-desist. Mods have been crafted over long periods of time through a snowball effort combined by community members of the years of both games – allowing a huge library of GTA mods to accumulate. The removal of OpenIV from the internet essentially shuts down this community, ends this progress, and detains all GTA mods to the doghouse of being taboo underground collector’s files that most gamers won’t get to experience other than vicariously through YouTube videos.

Grand Theft Auto V DLC - Paid Mods - Creation Club - OPENIV 2017 b

Suddenly, years later after being hush – now there’s a problem? Why now? After so much time has passed, the PC edition of the GTA V has been out for years and the development of modding tools and content for GTA IV has even led to even greater success in modding GTA V. Many of the mods released for the game simply enhance the look of it to a level of god-like graphical fidelity dubbed “Reality” or “Real Life” mods because they look so good at this point. The preliminary reasons given are that OpenIV allowed multiplayer mods to interfere with GTA Online – something we always knew would become a problem since this time around Rockstar Games charges money in-game in their online gameplay.

However, many of us gamers and journalists have perhaps failed to see what was right before our eyes. I went back and forth for hours with anonymous sources speaking off-record to RealGamerNewZ about the announcement for what is basically being seen as “the end to GTA mods” currently on the internet. Instead, this action has seemingly been in timing with a certain other industry event we’ve all taken notice of. While unable to confirm or deny the realization they’d guided us to, our source all but revealed that Rockstar Games could soon have a way to work hand-in-hand with mod content developers and get them paid for their hard work.

Grand Theft Auto V DLC - Paid Mods - Creation Club - OPENIV 2017 c

Exactly what this would look like remains to be seen, as well as whether or not plans for such a community-driven yet developer-monitored content development pipeline had already existed before this knee-jerk reaction to Bethesda’s “Creation Club” service. The industry could be seeing GTA V receive a very similar treatment in an experimental, but influential time during gaming.

Further explanation of this new trend for paid mods continued: “-with high approval rating among devs eager to help with the certification or even development of mods; as mods becoming more polished like DLC and guided content with compensation for mod developers.”

“We also know that there won’t be a ‘GTA VI’ or ‘Fallout 5’ for a long time. These developers are busy making New IPs, new installments to other franchises, and need time to make sure those new games are as huge as they possibly should be and could be. Content Creators being given safe, profitable, official ways to promote existing games into a higher quality, more fun product gives games more of a chance at a long life span hopefully filling that need until the next product is ready.”

At the time of this post RealGamerNewZ has reached out to Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games to attempt to verify the likelihood of these claims. Additional information which was not approved for release by our sources is also being vetted and further investigated and we will update this story as it progresses.

Currently there are large growing petitions online for Take-Two Interactive to let OpenIV bring itself back online, but at least if this Rumor pans out we can have some closure and sense of how to move forward for a large community of fans who love PC Gaming and love Grand Theft Auto.

  • Michael Cowan

    YEa .. GTA, RDR and their entire portfolio is dead to me .. Fuck Take Two

    • It’s probably a bit too soon for such a drastic outlook. Not to mention, GTA is a legendary series and many installments of the franchise have achieved classic status for gamers worldwide.

      • Still the game is tanking in reviews, showing that a big enough mass of those gamers actually take serious issue with this move.

        • RetroBill

          Don’t buy Red Dead 2, let’s send these mother fuckers a message

      • Michael Cowan

        Take a look at Bioware and Mass Effect:A – Gamers are tired of being milked for cash. Bethesda, Bioware, Rockstar etc .. these companies gained prominence simply because they focused on the game. Improved graphics and story. Now Take Two, EA, FunCom come along and work to squeeze every last drop out of us. Indie and small shops are getting the technology to make amazing games without giant budgets. Kickstarter companies (even with all the scams) are coming up as well. These big AAA companies need to be taken down.

        • RetroBill

          See this dude gets it, AAA is trying to cuck us

    • RetroBill

      Yeah bro Fuck Red Dead 2 #boycottRedDead2

  • RabbitFly

    I think the basis of this entire article is far fetched. It’s all assumptions and conjecture.

    GTA doesn’t have the same kind of mod support that Elder Scrolls and Fallout has. And that is despite having an even bigger playerbase. It just doesn’t fit with the business model that Take Two and Rockstar has set up for themselves. Which btw is currently making them money at unheard of rates.

    It is of course possible that Rokstar wants to make mods part of the game, I just find it highly unlikely, and I find your original assumption much more realistic.

    GTA Vs revenue model is based around it’s “shared world” multiplayer mode. Mods that interefere with that interefere with their income. It makes total sense to protect that revenue stream in any way possible.

    It sucks for gamers that loved playing with mods in GTA, but GTA has never openly supported modding and most of those tools break their terms of service anyway.

    • RetroBill

      Makes sense to me, Take Two are greedy as hell. And GTA modding community is way bigger than you are giving credit for, I’m definitely not giving Bethesda or Take Two my money Fuck them. I’m fine playing Skyrim on PC not buying I again on that piece of shit nintendo switch.

      • RabbitFly

        Take two is currently making much more money on their microtransaction model than Bethesda will ever do with paid for mods.

        It doesn’t make sense for them to mess with that revenue to try to compete with Bethesda on the mod market.

        Like I said, it makes much more sense that the order to remove OpenIV has to do with protecting that revenue model than to create something new.

        The freaking tools basically works like cheats anyways.

        • RetroBill

          You defending these greedy AAA fucks? Lol Take Two wants all the money micro transactions, game sales, paid mods.

          • SmonkWeed420

            I think he’s just being reasonable. The article is good and this is possible, but I’m just not sure.

          • RetroBill

            Get cucked by AAA

          • RabbitFly

            I am not defending their practices. I am arguing reason and logic up against assumption and conjecture.

            This article being an example of the latter

          • RetroBill

            I don’t care about the article, I care about Take Two and you jerking them off under the table. Get upset!

          • RabbitFly

            Lol. And exactly how am I jerking them off under the table?

            Both standpoints are equally greedy and bad are they not?

            I am just pointing that there is no objective reason to think the reason Take Two forced OpenIV to remove itself was because of paid mods.

            More likely it was to protect their revenue. That doesn’t make it any better by default does it?

            If you are talking about my indication that the tools were used for cheating, then I might be able to see your point. It doesn’t change the fact that most of these tools had cheating features enabled. Which is bad for a game that features micro-transactions.

          • RetroBill

            Alright now I see what you’re saying. I just hate when this Shit happens from these huge greedy publishers like Take Two and Bethesda.

    • I just wonder why now? Since it’s been on PC for over two years now.

      • RetroBill

        Fuck you pussy

    • RetroBill

      Also I think it’s 100% possible they do paid mods, they are greedy cucks who want your money you know that right dude? Lol

      • SmonkWeed420

        Why are you such a asshole?

        • RetroBill

          Take Two is Fucking us dude!

          • SmonkWeed420

            You know they put the mods back up now right?