Will PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 Be The Last Console Generation?

In this episode of the RealGamerNewz Podcast the crew has assembled together to discuss and respond to groups of gamers out there claiming this will mark the last console generation in history. The same was said about the Wii/PS3/Xbox 360 Generation and is now being said that the Wii U/PS4/Xbox 720 will be the last consoles in history. We speak on this and analyze the validity (or lack thereof) of these claims in the following show among other topics.

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Topics Include:

  • The Crash of 1992 VS People Thinking This is The Last Gen of Consoles.
  • Origin’s Discontinuation Imminent? Economy Effecting the Market?
  • Steam Saves the Day: Support for indies Sword of Stars: The Pit (RPG), hardcore FPS: ARMA 3 and everything in between. Output for televisions and the potential for the Piston and Steambox to release for steam’s entry into console race.
  • Microsoft has something up their sleeve: Open Minded to Working with Steam and Returning to PC Roots and Classic PC Franchises. Next Gen Reveal April 26[?]. Future Direction Reveal April 26. Xbox 720 Exclusive Projects Unnanounced[?]. Digital Distribution and/or Blu-Ray Innovations[?].
  • Nintendo may release Wii U Must Have Sooner Than We Think: Wii co-existing with Wii-U to keep huge income flowing. DS co-existing with 3DS to keep huge income flowing; mainly 1st party titles that satisfy hardcore and casual gamers alike, third party support decent every generation and improving with Wii U. Wii U could serve as a great 4-6 year interlude to Nintendo’s competitor for Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4.
  • Sony’s PS3 Will Remain on the market to compete against the Wii U, Xbox 360’s manufacturer Microsoft claims they will attempt this as well. Maybe the haters are right about console gaming coming to an end, or maybe they are wrong and it has just begun… YOU be the judge! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion!
  • tantop

    no no no

  • Silent

    not gonna happen. See, the specs on the PS4 are weak. They are excellent on relation to consoles, but to PC’s? Nope. I bet I can scratch up a PC better than the PS4. Not that im dissing it, i have a ps3, i love sony. what im saying is, there is still more potential. in approximately 3 years, we might see a huge breakthrough with gaming PCs: we will then see the consoles to match a few years after that. Concoles arent ending. Not yet.

  • MGV

    Most people will play on whatever they find easiest to boot up and play so I find it very hard to believe that NextGen will be that last. They said the same thing 7 years ago about the current gen.

    Smartphones/Tablets won’t take over because they just aren’t dedicated to gaming and good ones cost more than consoles anyway. They’re also not designed to last more than two years while most lose steam after one.

    Ruling out the economy, consider how much people spend on a new device every year when a phone breaks, or just doesn’t run as fast as the new crap out there, and you can’t even buy on a contract because there’s still at least a year left on your current one. It’s kinda hard to believe why someone consider to spend $400-$500, $200-$300 after mid life cycle, on a console at least once every five-six years. Btw, That’s just considering gamers and technophiles.

    • MGV

      That last sentence was supposed to read, “…why someone WON’T consider to spend…”

  • Hide and Seek

    Doubt it but I hope some things die off like sony and microsoft they ruined the gaming industry