Exclusive Interview With Mr.Fob: The Creator of The Mass Effect 3 Happy Ending Mod (MEHEM)

The RGN crew has dissected the official endings of Mass Effect 3 that Bioware has created in a two part podcast titled: EA Pops Mass Effect 3’s Bad Ending Cherry & How To Fix It and EA Pops Mass Effect 3’s Bad Ending Cherry & How To Fix It Part 2. Now, in a special RealGamerNewz exclusive podcast interview, presented by RealGamerNewz crew members Matthew and Tristan , we present to you an unofficial alternate ending. A happy ending so to speak, created by a fan of the Mass Effect Trilogy, known as Mr.Fob on the Bioware forums. This mod changes the ending in several different ways, and we sat down and talked with the creator himself about how it all came together and his vision for whats to come in future versions.

After listening to the interview and you are interested in trying out the beloved mod yourself, click here to be directed to the Bioware forums where a download link can be found as well as community discussion about the Mass Effect 3 Happy Ending mod.

  • sarah

    I love the ending mod and Mr Fob call me

  • d1ta

    MEHEM is mandatory in all of my ME3 playthrough and I’ve been having it since v01. It made my game so MUCH better and with the Citadel dlc, I fell in love with the universe all over again (something that I thought impossible before)

  • abd90

    Nice work Mr.Fob

    my war assists is urs

  • Tim Skijwalker

    awesome show guys, thanks.

  • M920CAIN

    I hope in the future, you will be able to make the mod to be an ending that can be played alongside the ones that Bioware provided us. I want it to be an addition to the game, rather than a replacement. Keep up the good work!

    • Praedor

      The Bioware endings include the Star Brat.

      • The Long Bridge 69

        Well it would be cool to do that but I’d have to say The Catalyst ruins things

  • Praedor

    Thank you! A thousand times THANK YOU! I couldn’t even finish a single playthrough of ME3 when it first came out because as I neared the end the controversy exploded. I ended up checking out all the youtoobs on it and just couldn’t go there at all. Quit playing altogether. My sister told me about your MEHEM mod and now I’m in love with the game again. I CAN PLAY IT NOW! And too the end! And multiple times too! It’s no longer a bitter waste of $50.

  • Max Dillow

    Mass Effect 3 is probably the best game of all time but the ending sucks still sucks but the mod is better not perfect though

  • Ross

    Mr Fob great job you a hero to the mass effect fans.
    Now we have to find a way a dlc for xbox and ps3 you will find a way make us pround Mr Fob Ross out.

  • Nick

    I think the guy who created the MEHEM is a freaking miracle worker. He helped clean up EA’s mess and they didn’t even thank him.

  • Revan

    They should have just made the New Citadel DLC the new ending by NOT blowing up the Citadel. would have worked great

    • It is what people wanted a new ending but pride overtakes customers satisfaction I guess

  • Hope

    Seriously, the guy who made this mod and everyone who supports it deserves to be beaten to death. The Happy Ending Mod is all about removing the difficult decision from a Mass Effect game – in other words, removing the Mass Effect from Mass Effect. It’s all about refusing to make a sacrifice for victory in a game that revolved around victory through sacrifice. It’s all about refusing to accept anything except a sunshine-and-flowers ending that doesn’t fit with anything that happened previously.

    Every fan of the Happy Ending Mod is demonstrating that the Mass Effect 3 ending was never meant for them.

    • Jack Gage

      Or cause ###holes like you are brainwashed to think the ending is good

    • Jade

      I’m all for people expressing their beliefs and what not, but suggesting people be beaten to death? You are a terrible person.

      And no, the endings weren’t victory through sacrifice, they were victory through suicide. As Mr Fob said, the problem with the endings is they don’t make sense, not that the choices are too hard, the choice is easy, Destroy. Which is basically what MEHEM is, fool!

  • Ross

    Also we need final battle at harbinger as well

  • Hammer Time

    I loved Mass Effect trilogy.

    I’ve played all the DLC and enjoyed every minute.

    Whilst the Extended Cut is much better than the original endings, they do suffer from the confusing entity that is Starchild.

    Sadly I play on PS3. So I can only experience the endings on youtube.

    It’s basically the Destroy Ending without the destruction of the Geth and the presence of Starchild. (Saw it on Youtube).

    Good work.