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Tristans Twisted World: Dead Space 3 Review

By Tristan Werbe in Reviews

Dead Space 3 is one of the big time horror games on the market. People like it because it can be scary, emotional, and have some great gameplay in it. Dead Space 3 brings in some new elements such as fighting humans for the first time and how bout all that snow man. Whether this is the worst or best Dead Space or maybe a new type of game is up to decide.

Soundtrack, Audio, Voice: The soundtrack features the classic horror moments and some really good emotional pieces that fit their scenes. The audio mixes well with gun sounds and necromorphs yelling along with dialogue and music at all the same level. The voice acting is the best in the series this time around. Isaac and Ellie really connect with little screen time given. Issac and Carver having the most interaction was a good idea well if you play CO OP but it was really well put together learning about both of them together. Other characters did good jobs to but naming some of them are spoilers in a sense.

Graphics, Physics, Glitches, Engine Performance: The graphics are amazing the character animations to showing what they feel is wonderful in this game. The physics at times get kinda unbalanced as a few times you could glitch out or the enemys would get stuck in the air it just was a mess until we got a patch. The Visceral Engine was pushed to it’s max on current gen consoles but it was made better than what they put into Dead Space 2 with way too many glitches in that game even with patches.

Characters / Enemies: Some characters were less important but ended up leaving a impact when they had a well spoiler. Issac, Carver, Ellie, and Jacob Danik the bad guy seem like the most work put in even though I did like Captain Robert since he had a bigger role than thought. The necromorphs seem more aggressive than ever with more types but also the new mix of humans into the enemy class.

Gameplay: The new role and cover systems add a better feeling sorta like a run down Mass Effect in a way but it fits the close combat of Dead Space. The humans add more threat since they use weapons and go suicide. The idea that they put it works as it is the best combat system in Dead Space to date. Necromorphs also can shoot now if a new enemy type and the fact the turn your enemy against you as well as it is a big three way battle in combat.

Solo Story: It is the classic Dead Space experience expect with the new gameplay and combat system. Walking alone in the dark with enemies everywhere watching you is unsettling more so when you are in the ships at the start of the game. As the story goes on it gets more dark and emotions roll in between you and NPCs. The planet also adds more aspects to the marker mystery. Also with a big time dramatic ending that leaves some questions.

Co-op Story: Pretty much adds cutscenes with Carver and Isaac and extends the story and makes optional missions a bit more worth it. It makes combat a whole lot easier to such as in boss battles one person can distract and the other can attack like during the fights with the spider for example. It is a worth it experience especially if you have a good friend that will play it with you. Random matchmaking is kinda bad since people drop out all the time better to invite.

Final Verdict: Dead Space is so far the biggest surprise to me this year. I went in thinking it would be an alright game like Dead Space 2 was but I was mistaken. Dead Space 3 turned out to reach out to me a different way so it is getting a 9.25 out of 10. Get ready to go crazy with some visions.

Overall Score: 9.25/10

Review Copy Info: Dead Space 3 was purchased by for review purposes

Available on: Xbox 360 , Playstation 3, and Computer

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