Diabetes Video Games Used to Educate

Everybody knows video games can be used to educate. The following games come from various sources including the Nobel Prize Educational Games website which you can easily find searching around online ot clicking here.

For example, in the game “Diabetic Dog” players are challenged to keep track of the blood sugar levels of their puppy. In addition to everyday things like taking the dog for a walk and making sure it has food and water enough throughout the day, players must also keep track of blood sugar levels and if necessary inject insulin to balance the blood sugar levels of their beloved pet.

A game like this not only can help teach adults struggling to understand the concept of maintaining blood sugar levels, but can also make children feel more eat ease with theirs or a loved ones condition. These games can make it easier to cope with having Diabetes. You can also check out the following:

Didget (from Bayer) plugs into Nintendo DS and DS Lite and is available in the UK. This game will reward kids for testing their own blood sugar levels and is a real glucose meter acting as a game. This comforting presence of treating it as a video game is meant to help ease the tension of parents and children testing for blood sugar levels. Find it at BayerDidget.com

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The following games can also be found on Diabetes.org:

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  • Fix Frank
  • Build a Healthy Plate
  • Crossword
  • Food Fight
  • Food Safari