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Tristans Twisted World: BioShock Infinite is racist and ruins the christian way…..wait what?

By Tristan Werbe in Opinion Pieces

There has been some backlash to this amazing game for some reasons involving racism and the apparent Christian evil. People have taken this out of context in many different ways it is kinda sad. Before you jump the bullet I would like to explain myself a bit here to why I am saying this to you. It is a clarification as I have had experiences with these things in real life. I also am very good at history and know a lot about what was going in the year 1912.

Racism: BioShock Infinite has some racist elements yes. But the fact is that the time period it was in and you could tell some of these are from the south from there accents. The African American people has Americans should know where treated badly by many people from both the north and south. They were believed to be beneath them which in my personal opinion is not true. Ken Levine is and was not being racist it is realistic due to the time but the Prophets word does push it more so in some senses.

Christian: Father Comstock may be from the Christian way of life but that is not what he is spreading at all. He is using his own personal beliefs to make people think that certain things are right. True Christian’s believe all people are equal no matter if racism is brought in it is not true. Stop reading right there if you think I do not know what I am talking I have been off and on in the Christian way of life so I know what I am talking about. Christian people love everyone cause Jesus loved everyone no matter what. People sometimes mistake cults like the “KKK” and many other things like “God Hates Gays” which he does not people should read the Bible a little closer before the flip out. Now at the moment no I am not following the path of Christians I am doing my own thing since I declined by baptism for personal reasons. But no the Comstock cult has nothing really to do with Christians cause that is not what it is.

Now if you are still confused please ask questions in the comments or ask me to revise somethings or add feedback is appreciated have a good day.

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  • Noah Crackers

    Its just black people being dumb

  • Michael Dilondorf

    I would have to say people should either listen to you or shut up cause you are right it is not racist one bit people are just stupid most likely in black in this case

  • Daz82

    Sick to death of people moaning about every bit of violence etc in games, and people in power getting involved in wether the decision to play these games should be taken out of our hands by banning some of them.
    Why when ever a disaster like a school shooting etc occurs or a murder of a child by an older youth etc do video games and movies come under scrutiny and wether the content of a game offends someone do we all have to suffer,
    Simple solution, if the game offends you, don’t buy it!
    But don’t bitch and cry and expect everyone else to not buy it too just because you have deemed it offensive.
    Iv been brought up in the 80’s a time of video nastys and violent games with no reason behind the violence involved!
    I know right from wrong and I know these are films and games, so not real, they don’t influence any decision of my life, I just happen to enjoy games like red dead, all the call if duty titles, battlefield, gta, and bioshock,
    Not once have I thought about murdering innocents in cold blood or stealing cars.

    I think all these ‘do gooders’ and politically correct fanatics should wind their necks in and leave people to make their own decisions,