Skittles Win Xbox for Life Contest

As the pain from the roots of my teeth runs through my gums and the sweet flavor of Skittles new Green Apple flavor candy electrifies my senses I am implored to let you all know about a contest Skittles and Microsoft are holding in celebration of Skittles and Kinect through which gamers can “Win Xbox for Life”. Enter here before September 5, 2013 up to three times per day using codes from either the website or the bags of candy. Winners can get a variety of prizes including Xbox 360, Kinect, custom Skittles, and Starburst, for life.

  • aashton

    i realy hope I win the xbox Kinect

  • isaiah

    me to

  • Luis I. Correa

    quiero gaNARme el Gran Premio!!!!$$$$$

  • austin.m.l

    i want the x box that way i can play black ops 2 and call of duty ghost
    and the money that way i can go and visit my family. ive been away for a while they would be happy to see me.

  • shemar

    just take it easy and slow you will win

  • Display Name

    i jus got a skittles with a code in it wat should i do

    • is there any instruction about what you should do next?

  • jacques


  • katharine cookman

    I won the Grand Prize!!!!!! I”M soo Excited so I called and they told me I had to wait till Sept.5th just like everyone else who won a prize.

  • hayley barron

    I hope i win a prize

  • cindy

    I can’t see where I enter the code…

  • Display Name

    icant wait to see

  • heinz lucas


  • ABI


  • stivix stivix (stivix24swag)

    Were do you put the codes ??

    • Jermain Jackson

      This ended over two years ago.

      • stivix stivix (stivix24swag)

        Really ? Well thanks bro hehe

        • stivix stivix (stivix24swag)

          Well It says untill 5 of september 2015

          • Jermain Jackson

            It says 2013

  • Katie Bunn

    Where do you put the codes in to win the Xbox one ??

  • steve

    were is the code

  • jonas