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Every book on the ground in Skyrim is now part of a real E-Reader book collection

By Jon I in News

The books found on the ground in the Elder Scrolls series are known by fans to be an immersive set of lore interactions. Though the mechanic of reading books in a video game might not be popular among today’s gaming audience it is still practiced as a storytelling technique that can even provide a chill to the gamer under the right circumstances.

It could even be argued that this format holds immersion better than having certain things explained to you by a narrator or character within the game. The elegant solution is that you are still your character holding a book while the cold wind blows around you and your journey awaits your blood-stained sword.

Apparently the cult following that supports this type of lore reading in Skyrim has grown quite strong and now has gone so far as to add the Skyrim books to the E-Readers: Kindle, Nook, iOS, etc. You can download it for free on their website at the time of this original post.

Source: via Joystiq

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