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  • Monthly¬†Views:
  • In June 2015: 30,874 Unique Visitors generated 246,803 pageviews
  • In May 2015: 28,737 Unique Visitors generated 258,963 pageviews
  • In April 2015: 32,151 Unique Visitors generated 267,188 pageviews
  • In March 2015:¬†47,344 Unique Visitors generated¬†360,413 pageviews
  • In February 2015: 62,920¬†Unique Visitors generated 432,680¬†pageviews
  • In January 2015: 71,472 Unique Visitors generated 420,285 pageviews
  • Main Demographics: United States, Russian Federation, Great Britain, and Canada
  • *Data as of 3/2/2015
  • Articles: Over 7,000
  • Professional Reviews: Over 300¬†– Including:¬†GTA, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Saints Row, Final Fantasy, Assassin’s Creed, StarCraft, Halo, Zelda, Killzone, Mario, Ryse, Knack, Gears of War, Resident Evil, BioShock, Dishonored, Castlevania, Tomb Raider, Madden, Batman, The Walking Dead: Video Game Series, Worms, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Mass Effect, Metro, Dynasty Warriors, Nascar, Dead Island, Forza, Gran Turismo, Need For Speed, MLB: The Show, Metal Gear, ARMA III, The Wolf Among Us, Remember Me, Etrian Odyssey, Project X Zone, Rune Factory 4, Angry Birds, Hotline Miami, Tiny Brains, Breaking Bad, Two Brothers, Mutant Mudds, Sniper Elite, Pixel Piracy, Knytt Underground, Warframe, The Stanley Parable, Outlast, The Bridge, Super Motherload, Amnesia, Contrast, Final Exam, Memoria, and Many More.

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*More Info / Examples Available Upon Request

RealGamerNewz is a brand that was built on freedom of speech, brutal honesty, and an open-minded team covering a diverse section of topics and platforms. Forged out of molten lava itself, our brand started off as a rebel faction in the blogosphere that was able to overcome the strong arm of censorship that exists in every industry these days and just like a steel sword we are that much stronger for being birthed through fire.

The heat we generated when we first hit the scene with our floating brand podcast which was hosted on various high profile websites eventually demanded that a home for authors with a voice be protected from the politically correct and corporately controlled media outlets of today. was formed as a haven for those who want to bring the truth to light for gamers everywhere. Better yet, to admit when those truths have many ways of being interpreted, do the best job possible of showing multiple viewpoints, and to keep the spirit of video games strong.

We are comprised of many core members, extended gamer family, and affiliates. Most of all, we cherish the fans, readers, and collaborators who help make RGN the family that it is. From a simple podcast to an entire operation, RGN has come a long way and we are prepared to share some important information with our audience, potential partners, and long-time supporters. Please enjoy the following mission statements, statistics, and milestone achievements RGN has revealed for the first time below.

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Mission Statements

  • “Real Gamers Get Your News Real” –¬†This initial slogan was formed as a simple way of saying that we don’t intend on condoning the posting of fake news. We’ve seen other sites stoop pretty low to create their own “anonymous” content which then becomes huge news as a Rumor that ends up being fake. Often times this is done as a tool in the console wars by major website, and in rare cases it is undoubtedly proven that the most prestigious publications knowingly pass off fakes in order to gain views. At RGN, we focus on bringing the real gaming news only and try our best to filter all rumor and irrelevant topics until only the best posts are remaining.
  • “Keep It Real, Keep It Gaming”
  • “We Are Nex Gen”
  • “Indie TakeOver”
  • “Feel Free 2 Disagree”

Special Features

  • IndieSpotlight – At RealGamerNewz we believe in the indie takeover that the industry is currently experiencing. While working with independent developers on a deep level, we engage in discussions to our audience about indie games with a very intimate understanding of the vision the devs had behind a particular project – the kind you can only get by actually talking to the devs yourself. This experience aims at bringing an informative side to the coverage of indie titles.
  • Reviews – Over 300 Written Professional Reviews
  • Giveaways – Over 30 Indie Game and Major AAA Game / DLC / Beta Giveaways
  • Interviews – Over 50 Interviews
  • Podcasts – Over 150 Podcasts
  • Hands-On Previews – Over 80 Previews
  • News – Over 2,600 News Articles
  • Blogs – Over 100 Opinion Pieces
  • Game Trailers – Over 2,700 Video Game Trailers
  • Gameplay Footage – Over 1,000 RGN High Definition Gameplay Videos
  • Shotgun Seat Productions
    • (AKA Tristan’s Twisted World)
  • Geek Essentials
  • The Boycott Gamer
  • +More Partners and Original Brands Coming Soon…

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Platforms of Coverage

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RGN Analysis

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RGN’s Growth Over The Past Year:

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RGN has grown to work with many Affiliate Companies on our Reviews, Interviews, and Giveaways. The following companies have directly worked with on facilitating and commissioning RGN coverage:


Rockstar Games, Blizzard Entertainment, EA, Bethesda

Microsoft, Deep Silver, Namco Bandai, Capcom, Konami

Sega, XSeed, Activision, Tecmo Koei, Ubisoft

Warner Bros, 505 Games, D3Publisher, Aksys Games


Atlus, NIS America, Telltale Games, Double Fine, 22cans

Rovio, Eutechnyx, Techland, Devolver Digital, Beatshapers

Rebellion, Kalypso, Reef, Daedalic, Alawar, Lucky Red Fish

Digital Extremes, Bohemia Entertainment, Red Barrels, Level 5

Nordic Games, Arc System Works, Gajin, Paradox


Focus Home Interactive, Curve Studios, bitComposer Games, Maximum Games

Renegade Machine, Young Horses, XGen, Vblank, Drinkbox, Image & Form

The Behemoth, Tripwire Interactive, Digital Tribe, Neko Entertainment

Renegade Kid, Hunt Game Studios, Bloober Team, BugBear

Positech, Blue Byte, Twisted Pixel Ripstone, AckkStudios, Playlogic

Frictional, Lost Decade, SquattingPenguins, RuneStorm, 8888888labs, Wadjet Eye

Epiphany, SeeThroughStudios, Messhof, Ronimo, WalesInteractive

Double Helix, Vintage Games, Robot Loves Kitty, Galactic Cafe, Rain Games

Coffee Stain Studios, Ska Studios, Nomad, DarkGod, Flippfly

GamersGate, The Game Creators, SteelSeries, CronusMax


and More: Updated List Coming Soon, Last Edited 1/1/2014


Special thanks to our many public relations partners and affiliates as well. To request partnership please contact us via the links below.

*Last Updated – April 26, 2016 (Some material written in January 2014).
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