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MyDream Hands-On Preview

myDream RGN

MyDream is a world building game. Once you start the game you have the options of starting your own world and beginning from scratch or join other world where you can help create marvels to eye.

The entirety of the world is left up to your own machinations and designs. The game provides you with an abundance of worlds to start and it gives you a choice of what world to start in, so you don’t have to worry about randoming the right world that you want to create in.

MyDream RealGamerNewz 1

Screen cap of a sample design in a world

Upon entering the world you are allowed to build just about anything you want. The tool provided is a magical power gauntlet thingy that allows you to dig and place any dirt or rock. You’re also allowed to place blocks of materials around which in a very Minecraft-esque way are the main way to build structures currently.

Although you can also just go in and enjoy the grand views that this game can provide.

MyDream RealGamerNewz 2

If this game does one thing right, it’s that it makes you feel small

There are a few prominent bugs that do, at times, break the gameplay experience and there are some issues with the game’s optimization, however the game is still in beta and those are the kinds of things that get fixed during the beta.

The great thing about MyDream is that it has that Minecraft feel with some gameplay elements taken from “From Dust” which allows the player to further what he can design his/her dream world with even less limitations.

If you are the kind of person who loves to play world building games the MyDream is the game for you, however do start soon-.

MyDream RealGamerNewz 3

-because it takes a looooong time.

You can help this game by Donating to their Kickstarter page here

MyDream RealGamerNewz 4

Preview Copy Info: A digital copy of this work-in-progress game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Preview.

Chuck’s Challenge 3D Review


From the creators of the classic game “Chip’s Challenge” comes Chuck’s Challenge 3D a puzzle game.

Unless you skipped the very first line of this review (due to dry eyes) let me remind you that Chuck’s Challenge is a puzzle game. You play as Woop a game loving alien who loves to solve puzzles. Your Objective: get Woop to a portal that leads to the next level. However getting to the end will require you to solve various puzzles first. Woop can be controlled a number of different ways, you can use a mouse and click on where to go, or you can use the arrow keys or you could use a controller. All the controls work well with the game save for using the mouse; unfortunately the game will always take a different then intended path leaving you to click for almost every step because the pathing will sometime be a little wonky.


Woop abducts the human Chuck (who is a master game creator) in order to create games for him because Woop is bored. Chuck apparently immediately develops Stockholm syndrome because he absolutely has no problem with being abducted and in fact starts to enjoy creating games for Woop to play.

That is the extent of the story; most of the emphasis is put on the gameplay. However this is where the game falls short. For being a puzzler the game is rather straight forward, even in the more difficult challenges you can probably solve most of them in just under a minute. There is a feature where players create puzzles for other players to play, this provides a challenge although you will have to filter through a bunch of bad levels in order to find a good challenging player created level.


The “3D” boasted by the title mainly states the art direction of the game; using 3D models unlike its predecessor. The simplistic yet fun art design doesn’t get in the way of gameplay and fits the attitude of the game perfectly.

Overall I feel that Chuck’s Challenge is a fun game, with good visual direction and some fun online play, it is also not very difficult and can be completed very quickly, for these reasons I will Give it 75% and I would recommend getting it.

Official Trailer:


Overall Score: 7.5/10
RGN Rating: Bronze Game
Developer: Niffler
Publisher: Nkidu Games

Available on: Steam and Google Play

Review Copy info: A digital copy of the game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

Goat Simulator Review

Goat Simulator

Every once in a while a game comes out that defies all logic and reason, and absolutely has no meaning to it whatsoever other than to provide entertainment to its players. Goat Simulator is one of those games. It’s chaotic, hilarious and absolutely makes no sense, which makes this game particularly difficult to review given that even the developer said that it would keep all the bugs save for the game crashing ones.

in space goat simulator

In space no one can hear you baaah…

Goat Simulator is a sandbox game in which you play a goat; there is no story, just pure unadulterated goat themed fun… for about 6-7 hours. The world provided is very limited and as are the things to do in it. Most of the jokes lose their potency very quickly because of the limited size of the world and therefore the limited content within, they are fun the first few times around, but it’s just that sacrificing people to a pentagram kind of losses it’s charm three or four times in. You get challenges that you can try to accomplish however there is no payoff for doing them and ultimately the points are pointless (no pun intended). There are collectables hidden and scattered around the world that unlock different goat skins with different powers that do add to the experience a bit.  Ultimately there is no progression whatsoever.

goat simulator realgamernewz review

Final Verdict:

Don’t get me wrong, Goat Simulator is fun.

The core of the game is just running around head-butting things in order to send them flying or to get them to explode. Just about everything in the world is destructible and of course your powerhouse of an animal is capable of dismantling all of it. There are different items and powers your goat can acquire such as a jet-pack or demonic powers that send you souring sky high. On top of that you can use your goat’s tongue to drag things around the map setting elaborate traps for those pesky humans or just dragging something in the middle of the road to be hit by a speeding vehicle. The game is a total mess, but that’s what makes it so charming, so few games are so chaotic and unpredictable that being intentionally messy is a welcome charm of the game.

Overall Goat Simulator is a good game, it’s fun with some great ideas but due to its limited size falls short of being B-A-A-A-A-DAZZ.

-Hey… I needed to put a goat pun somewhere in here!

goat simulator satanic rgn

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 7 / 10

RGN Rating: Bronze Game

Developer: Coffee Stain Studios

Publisher: Coffee Stain Studios

Available On: Windows PC

Steam Store Page Link

Konami Game Producer Leaves To Form Indie Game Studio / Label

Konami Producer

Yet another big name in game development has left their studio to pursue their own creations.

This time it’s Koji Igarashi and he has left Konami to start his own development studio. Igarashi was with Konami since the 1980’s and is known to be the producer of many Castlevania titles such as Dawn of Sorrow or Symphony of the Night.

While he has yet to give us a name for this new studio, what we do know is that he will be talking at the Game Developers Conference this Friday March 21st.

Igarashi’s departure is marks yet another big name in gaming leaving their parent studios to pursue their own interests.

Weapon Shop de Omasse 3DS Review

Weapon Shop

Weapon Shop de Omasse is a very unique game developed by Level-5 incorporated. It incorporates a unique combination of gameplay elements not usually seen in other games. Strange as it is, the game is most defiantly a fun experience for any RPG fan.

In the story you play as Yuhan, the apprentice blacksmith, who runs a weapon rental shop, forging and renting out weapons to whoever may need them. Although it may sound serious the game is actually a comedic satire of classic RPGs complete with quirky characters and self-depriving humor.

The whole story is told from the confines of your shop using the “Grindcast”, an item that tracks the actions of a customer. During the Game you will be visited by customers some will be (quite literally) no name characters with labels like “NPC 1” however there are some actual characters that are quite interesting to behold. My personal favorite being a character name Mr. Grape Kiss (and yes that’s his name) an effeminate man who is built like a brick wall.


The game really shines at building the outside world you cannot see in game. Through the various conversations with other characters and the Grindcast system, the details of the world slowly come to light as you progress through the game.

While the game is technically listed as a RPG, it is more of a rhythm game due to the primary mechanic being to tap your 3DS touchscreen in rhythm with a tune in order to forge a weapon. Other mechanics include swiping your screen to polish weapons to increase stats, and a currency and inventory system that makes the game part “small store economy simulator”.

As Yuhan you will forge, polish and rent weapons to customers, however you must be careful of whom you rent to. Should they fail their mission you don’t get paid and lose the rented weapon. The gameplay does get repetitive at times and it doesn’t help that there are only about 5 different music tracks used when forging. Another downside to the game is that there is little to no replay value, since it will be the same experience with the same jokes that probably won’t be funny the second time around.

Final Verdict:

Weapon Shop de Omasse is a very fun, comical game with an impressive storyline considering it is supposed to be a parody of an RPG; it does have its shortcomings, however it does not make the experience any less fun and that is why I score the game an 80% (also known as 8 out of 10) making this game a Silver RGN Game on our ratings system.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 8 / 10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developer / Publisher: Level-5

Available On: Nintendo 3DS eShop

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

Magicite Early Access Review

Magicite RealGamerNewz Review

Magicite is an indie game that has an early access release on steam and continues the trend of indie survival adventure games but with a 2D platformer / RPG twist to it. When players start the game they create a character of which they would like to play the game as. This character creation process includes being able to choose how he / she will look. Stats for the character are randomly generated along with traits. Annoyingly though, you cannot select your own stats or traits which diminishes the customizability of your character.

When players enter the world they have only an axe and two random objects, then off they go. Much in the survival adventure spirit, players are not given any tutorials on how to play the game which usually makes the first hour or so of gameplay completely dedicated to experimentation. However, Magicite gives a time limit in each area so prepare to be surprised at the giant flying purple faces that kill you when you take too long.

The game progresses like a platformer in the sense that each area has a beginning and an end to it, which (along with the aforementioned time limit) restrains the amount of time you are gathering materials and fighting creatures. Magicite also boasts perma-death, so it pays to be careful otherwise you may lose all your armor that you worked hard for and have to start right at the beginning in a randomly generated area.

Magicite Gameplay RealGamerNewz

With that in mind the game is all about replay ability and I feel it falls short in this aspect because of the progression system. One minute you may be fighting a boss that just cracks you in twine and then, poof, you are suddenly right at the start of the game again with nothing. The controls are fairly simple to learn and don’t need any time to get used to; right click to use your equipped item, left click to attack.

Graphically, Magicite is very astounding. The game uses a faux 64 bit graphics mode which matches the atmosphere of the game perfectly. However, the game fails to properly show what exactly can hurt you because everything seems to be in the foreground including the scenery which may confuse some people as to what is actually dangerous when they get killed by a falling snowball.

Enemies are randomly generated along with the area you start in and other than bosses there is no real progression to them. Sometimes you may start in an area with lots of pigs and one slime while other times you may start off eye to eye with a freaking rhinoceros which makes for some really interesting and unpredictable play-throughs to say the least.

Magicite Early Access Review RGN

Magicite has an invite-only multiplayer system that allows players to play the game with their friends, and online the perma-death only applies when the whole group perishes and players that have been killed can be brought back with their comrades.

Final Verdict:

Sadly Magicite is a very disjointed game because of the developer’s attempts at innovating the game with the RPG and platformer elements, without which Magicite would be just another survival adventure game and overall there are better games in this genre worth exploring. Overall the game had potential and fell short in many ways, with the developers having a lot to learn and hopefully address before bringing it out of Early Access. Magicite in its current state gets a 4.5 out of 10 (also known in some parts as a 45%).

Official Trailer:

Official Score: 4.5/10

RGN Rating: Below Bronze

Developer / Publisher: SmashGames

Available On: PC | Mac OS X | Linux

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of the game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

The Titanfall Start Date And How To Sign Up (In Case You Missed It)

Titanfall Beta

So long as you’re not busy this Valentine’s day, feel free to sign up for the Beta for Respawn’s much anticipated Titanfall. The signup is offered through the game’s own site and is offered on PC and the Xbox One only.  Although you may want to hurry invitation will stop being sent on February 17th.

Titanfall will be available for purchase for the PC and the Xbox one on March 11th and will be available for the Xbox 360 on March 25th

For more Titanfall info and videos check out our dedicated Titanfall Section here.

Naughty Dog Prepares Us For The Last of Us DLC Release

Fans of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us will be exited to hear that the much anticipated DLC for the game comes out tomorrow, February 14th. The DLC is titled Left Behind and will take place before the events of the game and will star Ellie. The DLC will be available for the PS3 on the PlayStation Network for $14.99. Later today the 1.06 Patch will be available worldwide. The patch is required in order to download and play the new DLC. It also brings some fixes to their exciting multiplayer. Click here to see what they are and check out the launch trailer below.

A Spotlight On The Current Generation Of Consoles (As They Are)

RGN Wii U PS4 Xbox ONE Real Gamer Newz

Being that the current generation of consoles are now well underway; now would be an opportune time to judge the consoles based on their performance and abilities shown thus far. The PlayStation 4, Xbox ONE, and Nintendo Wii U all have their potential ups and downs varying from machine to machine. The experience will be different for each person. This article will go over a few pros and cons of some of the current generation consoles and conclude whether or not they are worth getting.

Nintendo Wii U

The Wii U has had an incredibly shaky start to its life cycle, with low sales and a lack of 3rd party support for the platform. With the Wii U, Nintendo is continuing its trend of setting itself aside from the competition through unique innovations in the control scheme. Not only does the console improve upon its predecessors motion controls, it adds a tablet-esque controller that could possibly make for some interesting game innovations. Nintendo also continues to release its usual round of games exclusively on its console.

However, they have been rather slow in that regard and only now are finally getting around to releasing what are going to be the biggest hooks into the console (for example, new Smash Bros, and Mario Kart 8). Nintendo also really needs to release a new franchise with this console for it to gain any ground. I feel like many people are getting tired of seeing the same characters over and over again and a new franchise would definitely generate demand for the Wii U. When it comes to hardware the Wii U is the weakest of the big three consoles therefore the graphics may not be as good as its two main competitors. The Wii U is a very balanced console; it is the cheaper of three priced at $299. The variety of games currently available make it great for the solo player and the family environment along with some new releases that are sure to only improve the quality of the console.

Sony PlayStation 4

Sony’s sequel to the PlayStation 3, creatively called the PlayStation 4, came out running fast out of the gates when it was released last November with near record setting sales. The PS4 is a well-built system that if it is anything like its predecessor, the PS3, would promise a wide variety of games from different genres. Not much has changed in terms of controls except that the controller now has a very unnecessary touch pad in its center displacing the start and select buttons to awkward position. Sony is definitely trying to expand its selections of games even further by adding more family friendly games such as Knack or Minecraft.

PlayStation®4 System

The PS4 is trying to get with the trend of “shared gaming” where one person can view another players gameplay footage, it has a feature that allows players to record and upload footage to the internet making. This allows for gamers to be able to view gameplay of another player playing a game they may want to purchase in order to see if they like what they see. The PS4 currently dons the best hardware out of the “Big Three” and its games can run at 60 fps (frames per second) 1080p resolution ensuring a smooth and clean experience. The PS4 in my opinion currently boasts the most potential of the current generation consoles and the $400 price doesn’t hurt either.

Microsoft Xbox ONE

Throughout all the media attention it got and all the blunders at the announcement, I felt Microsoft was not ready for this generation yet. The focus of the Xbox One is being a Multimedia platform allowing multiple services to be used through it, and it does this job fairly well. However as a gaming platform it falls a little short of the competition. With most of its release games featuring micro transactions to it higher price ($499), the development of this console feels rushed in order just to compete. I felt that the One could have been held back a year in order for it to come out with a little bit more of a punch with its starting lineups of games. It’s not all bad though because the one has a lot of potential with its upcoming releases that may smooth things over in its game department. The Xbox One does not sport the best hardware but it is still enough to make games look really impressive.

In conclusion I feel that all three consoles have yet to show their entire hands and that leaves a lot of potential for them. My recommendation would be to buy the console that best fulfills your desires, functionally and with its games, and go for that one. Personally I would go for a PlayStation 4 because of its higher computing power at the lower price point but that’s just my opinion.